just got out of hospital again

on 11/11/11 5:18 am - NJ
I had my sleeve on the 8th of Nov. That all went great but now developed shortness of breath from the surgery. Just got out of hospital for that. Still short of breath I am gonna try and see my primary asap. They ruled out blood clots etc. I feel I have pneumonia but they will not say that.

on 11/11/11 5:40 am - Four Corners, NM
on 11/11/11 6:41 am - WI
 after anestitization your lungs are condensed and without proper deep ihaling/exhaling exercises promptly after surgery pnuemonia can set it. The air sacs are condensed during surgery and you need to re-expand them or infection nand complications may arise...hope you get help asap!
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