just got out of hospital

on 11/15/11 1:38 pm - NJ
Hi everyone thanks for all your well wishes on getting sleeved on Nov 8th. I ended up getting full blown pnemonia in both lungs from the anesthesia. been a rough ride. Finally on the road to recovery.

on 11/15/11 1:46 pm
Yikes! Glad you are doing much better.
Here's to continuing health!!
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Amy D.
on 11/15/11 2:05 pm
Sorry that you had such a hard time hun!  Glad your home & make sure you keep on resting!!
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on 11/15/11 8:37 pm - NJ
Ty Amy!!!!

on 11/15/11 10:56 pm - NY
Oh my goodness. I'm so glad you're home. I was sleeved Nov 10, and it's so much easier to rest at home than it was in the hospital. Hope you're feeling all better soon. My lungs are still not at 100% after the anesthesia.
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