Looking for information about the second part of the sleeve!!

on 11/20/11 4:16 am - SAN PABLO, CA
Hi I am looking for information about the second part of the sleeve.  I want to know when after doing the first one did you get the second or if you are having it soon when.  I have a new insurance and its covered and I am losing very slowly and I am thinking of telling my surgeon I want the second part done, I am 6 months out and since surgery I have only lost 50 pounds and 30 pounds was in the first 3 months but my total is 80 because I lost 30 pounds before surgery.
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on 11/20/11 4:30 am - FL
You need to go to the Duodenal Switch board for that information. DS is the Sleeve + the switch (2nd part).

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on 11/20/11 4:32 am - WI
 I am not aware of a second part unless you are referring to the duendo switch DS?? or RNY the sleeve can modified to either of these more extreme surgeeries. Talk to your surgeon for more advice good luck!
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on 11/20/11 4:52 am - SAN PABLO, CA
Ok I probably am not being clear, I do know what the second part is and my choices and I have in the past talked to my surgeon I am looking for those who have had the switch wanting to ask how long after the first did they have the second. thanks for the answers I have already gotten.
First Meeting with Surgeon:2/10/2011  weight was 460
Surgery Date:5/03/2011  Weight was 428
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on 11/20/11 5:00 am - GA
VSG on 03/21/12
Those that have had the switch will be on the DS board. Most here are not looking for the 2nd half, at least I don't think they are.
on 11/20/11 5:01 am
You'll have much better luck getting feedback over on the DS board, as almost everyone here "just" has the sleeve.

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on 11/20/11 5:16 am
Can I just guess your eating to much?

Just know that the DS is a very powerful procedure that requires work and compliance  that is waaayyyy harder to do than staying on your sleeve plan.....


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on 11/20/11 5:25 am - SAN PABLO, CA
Thanks all for the respones but I guess I will go to other forums, I am not having the ds if they do it it will be the RNY and I don't eat too much I have been going through alot of stress and I depression so I was really doing to much of anything.  I was just looking for some information I am not even sure I am going to get it. I am now on medication for my depression and joined the ymca and I have started back doing shakes in the morning and I actually feel good.
First Meeting with Surgeon:2/10/2011  weight was 460
Surgery Date:5/03/2011  Weight was 428
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on 11/20/11 5:36 am - GA
VSG on 03/21/12
Sorry, it seems we are being negative. I don't think you are conveying your question well. We all answered the question that you asked. If you are looking to revise to RNY, then you may want to try their board. This board is for the people that have had the sleeve or are looking to be sleeved, with no plan to revise to DS or RNY.  Its not that no one wants to answer your question, but no one here has experienced what you are asking. You may get the answers you are looking for on the RNY, DS or Revision board.

If you don't really want to revise, then you have come to the right place. The vets here will be more than willing to help if you are willing to take the advice given. I have not had surgery yet, but I sure have learned a lot just from reading here every day.

I hope you get the answers you are looking for and wish you nothing but success in whatever you decided.
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on 11/20/11 5:47 am, edited 11/20/11 5:50 am
I think you may be confused.. the "second half" of the sleeve (which is a misnomer, as the sleeve stomach is PART of the duodenal switch, but the switch is not the "second half" of the sleeve.. and it is usually done in one shot these days) is called a duodenal switch.. the RNY is not any part of the sleeve and consists of an entirely differently created stomach, removing the pylorus from the food path and creating a stoma. You need to research a lot more.. the RNY has very limited caloric malabsorption (you malabsorb nutrients for life) that fades to almost nil at 2years out, then you are relying solely on restriction. The RNY has a stoma, and the stoma is prone to stretching, which would leave you with far more capacity than the sleeve has.. Add to that the possibility of reactive hypoglycemia that may happen years down the road- there are numerous reasons why the RNY has a high regain rate..

Your rate of loss is not bad at all- 50 lbs in 6 mo plus what you lost before? I highly doubt a surgeon would revise you at this point in time. You are far from failing with this surgery.. slower loss than you'd like is not a valid cause for a revision. I think almost any surgeon would tell you this.. Plus 6mo is just the start of the process, you are very early out, way too early to be calling for another operation.. Please continue tracking every bite, staying on a valid post-op eating plan (there are many floating around if you don't have one from your surgeon) and keep working with what you've got, you've come far already.. no need to start sniffing out a faster fix, those "fixes" come with dangers like post-op complications, and if you do the RNY, there's just way too many to even list.. (google the published medical studies on short and long term complications of the RNY, it would likely change your mind.) The DS is the only one I'd consider if I wanted malabsorption, but it comes with a rigorous learning curve of vites, and labs, and being your own medical advocate.. Good luck!

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