1 Year after VSG (11.23.11)

on 11/25/11 4:20 am - Germany
 Wow it was one year on Nov 23rd and I tottally forgot to update! I have not been on here in such a long time I really need to start visiting more! 

This time last year I was released  on Thanksgiving Day with a gift basket of broth and crystal light packages haha... This year I was able to enjoy a little bit of everything in small moderations :) 

I have to say I feel wonderful and never imagined being this far out.. I am 128 lbs I started at 244lbs.. I wear a size 5/6 pants S shirts & Dresse.. smallest I have even been in my life. my husband took me to Victoria secret because I always wanted some of their sweat pants and I had to get an XS.. best day of my life hahaha...My goal weight was 140 and my body kept going, I am currently trying to maintain my weight and get back to at least 130-135.. I am looking too skinny even for myself haha.. its rather hard the weight does not want to come back on haha.. I guess that is a good thing. 

I can eat and drink whatever I want pretty much (that does not mean I do) some sweets make me feel sick if there is too much sugar or frosting. and I continue to eat everything in moderation, I am so used to eating such small meals It seems normal to me now.. I dont eat anything fat free, I do drink skim milk and I do watch the calories.. (even though right now I am eating more calories to maintain) The comments on how much I eat have lessened but the comments on how I look are still daily and still embarrassing and exciting... I only take a mutlivitamin and liquid B12. 

my skin bounced back pretty nice, I will not need a tummy tuck but my boobs have went to literally nothing and its sad :( I am looking into getting them done around tax time. my arms could do with some more toning they look wrinkled on the inner area haha.. I will never wear a Bikini but at least I know if I wanted to I could :) 

and here are some photos:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic 1 month before surgery!

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Thanksgiving 2011

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VSG on 02/15/12
Congradulations on your year Surgerversary!!!!! You look amazing!!!!!!
on 11/25/11 4:23 am
You look gorgeous! great job!
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VSG on 03/21/12
You look stunning!
Ms. Poker Face
on 11/25/11 4:30 am
Lookin' great!  Glad you are doing so well!  Congrats!


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WOWZA!! You are absolutely gorgeous and I am so happy for you! You were beautful before too, but its good that you are healthy now as well. Thanks for sharing!

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VSG on 12/08/10 with
 congratulations on your 1 year, You looking amazing.. 
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 You are beautiful (before and after!), congrats on your success and keep up the good work! 

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Simply gorgeous!
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