How to stop losing?

on 11/30/11 6:11 am - Germany
 anyone out pretty far?! I am at 125 I went 15lbs under goal and I still keep going down about 1lb here and there.. I've increased my calories a bit and stopped working out but its like sheesh anytime now body you can get comfortable.. should I start drinking shakes again?! I have not had one of those in MONTHS... my Doctor is in the states and I am overseas and I have not talked to him since I was 4 months out... I am not complaining but I dont need to get any smaller or I am going to start seeing bones..LOL...

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on 11/30/11 6:19 am
I think there is a maintenance board that can help you. I wouldn't stop working out, it is so good for your heart. Maybe increase your calories by 50-100 and do it for a week or two. Use healthy fats to increase it, maybe avocados or peanut butter, nuts. Find your calorie range that is your comfy spot. I can't wait to get to maintenance.
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on 11/30/11 8:12 am - Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis
i feel ya girl..i worry about losing more because i like where i am and feel pretty thin..

i think adding in healthy fats will help, i guess upping the calories. or at least i hope!! things like the other poster mentioned like peanut butter, healthy oils like olive, avocados, nuts..

plastic surgery jumped started my weightloss again, and i dont want to lose another pound! i just want to tone, maybe gain some muscle weight..and build up some sort of a butt!! im nearly buttless!

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Traci M.
on 11/30/11 9:12 am - CT
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great question! Thats one of the reasons i chose the sleeve instead of gastro.Can you control how much you want to lose with the sleeve? Yes i want to become healthy and yes i want to lose weightbut i dont want to be skin and bones.Any suggestions///??