6 month surgiversary, less than 5 pounds from normal BMI!

on 12/7/11 1:41 am - VA
This is a shout out to the newbies who stress about the process.  I know everyone's journey is different, but mine is an example of it just not being that hard. 

I know people struggle, and some have to work very hard, but I'm living proof that just because you aren't not hardcore doesn't mean you can't succeed.

To be clear, I had several advantages from the start.  First, I started with a BMI of 35, technically a lightweight.  I also had good eating habits, just ate too much of a good thing.  My experience might not be yours, but I think it's good to hear it's not necessarily all struggle and effort and rule-following.

Here's my way, again not necessarily transferable to anyone else:

1.  After the first three weeks I haven't counted protein grams, calories, carbs, or anything else.  I've also not measured portions or journaled what I ate.  I just concentrated on steering towards healthy proteins, limiting junk, and exercising.
2.  After the first 6 weeks, I've had a daily glass of wine.  I love it, and it may have slowed me a little, but I've been happy with my progress AND my wine.
3.  I eat two to four adult gummy vitamins per day, and most days two calcium chews.  No other supplements or shakes, which I hate.  My labs are good.
4.  I have no problem drinking fizzy diet drinks with certain caveats.  I just fill the glass with 2/3 ice, go for fountain over can, and add lemon juice.  I sip slowly.  I love my diet sodas, and it helps me stay hydrated.
5.  I sometimes sip with my meal.  I love a little coffee with my breakfast, and a little wine with my dinner.  I stop sipping and eating when I'm full.  I've detected absolutely no adverse consequences of beverage sips with food.
6.  I haven't been to the gym more than twice since surgery.  I joined a soccer team, and have enjoyed it immensely.  I also walk a lot. 
7.  I have great restriction.  It works on anything I eat, including carbs and other so-called slider foods.  I love my sleeve!
8.  It took me a while to love my sleeve, in part because I found all the rules so stressful.  For me, listening to my body and experimenting made all the difference. 
9.  I get hungry, but the wonderful thing is that less than 1/2 cup of cottage cheese fills me up.  Yay!  200 calories is a feast.  Who'd have thunk?
10.  I do eat until I'm full.  I just don't eat past that.  How cool is it to feel satisfied and still lose weight?!

So, I'm sure I'll get lots of warnings about how I'm risking all manner of failure by not adhering to the rules they follow.  And I'm sure I'll get a number of "don't come crying to us" lectures.  But this is my life and my sleeve, and I'm livin' it!  If what I'm doing stops working, I'll worry about it then.
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on 12/7/11 2:15 am - NJ
 congrats on your weight loss. Glad to hear you were able to lose weight with a more relaxed attitude. I think that the strict rules are good to give you a guideline, but for many they cause such an obsession with food. Not everyone who is overweight is a food addict or has food issues. For those that have food issues, obsessions, etc then the rules probably need to be followed closely to avoid going back to old behaviors. Everyone is different, and one plan does not work for everyone. 
Thanks for posting your story!
on 12/7/11 3:49 am - CA
Congrats on your success!  I don't think you need to go to the gym for exercise.  You've found something you like that works for you. 
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you have a good attitude and know your body, i'm sure if you felt something wasn't working you would change it.  :)