Pre Op Diet Questions

on 12/16/11 6:49 am - Canada
I was scheduled for surgery on November 29, 2011 and surgery was cancelled because I got sick a week into the diet with a bad cold. Now I am scheduled again for December 20th and I am doing my pre op diet now with Diabetic Boost only 3 times/day....once again, I am sick since this morning with a bad cold...I am wondering if this would be due to a weak immune system and lack of nutrition. I am starting to get very irritated with this and I am wondering if this no eating diet is just a money gimmick...If only I could have chicken noodle soup or anything to get rid of this cold. Any advise?
Maureen K.
on 12/16/11 7:20 am
 Every doc is different I know they like you to shrink your liver before surgery so there is more room to work the surgical Instruments I only had to be on clear liquids for three days prior to surgery maybe you can have the chicken broth I would call your surgeon office and ask them best wishes to you hope you get well soon 

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on 12/16/11 8:22 am - fort hood, TX
 I was allowed chicken broth as well and I got a cold too. I did cheat on my pre op a couple times but I had lean protein just a small amount it did make me feel better , That being said it's very important to not cheat the last 2-3 days. Good luck hope you feel better.
LaToya S.
on 12/16/11 11:10 am - Edwardsville, IL

Every surgeon has different requirements. Call your surgeon's office and let them know what is going on. My liquied diet was for two weeks and did not include any protein. The liquid diet is not a gimick---they are trying to get your liver to shrink so that your surgery will be safer.


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