size WHAT!?!?

Jocelyn P.
on 12/17/11 7:18 am - San Antonio, TX
I am just out of my mind happy right now!! I've been wearing size 10 jeans for a while now. And although I knew they were a little too big, I had no idea just how baggy and sloppy they looked.  So I bought two pair of size 8 jeans last week and I was happy to be in single digits.  However, they still didnt feel right, too baggy still. I took them back and tried on the 6s. Holy cow, they felt so much better. BUT, there was STILL room in the waist and butt. I found a pair of size 4 jeans that actually fit me right and feel GREAT. I can not believe I'm in a size FOUR!!!

I love my sleeve and everything that it has done for me this past year. I am committed to making it work for me for a long time to come.


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on 12/17/11 7:26 am - Lincoln, NE
Way ti gi, Just dropped 14 inches on my pants size here. Don't think I'll make it to size 4 but am shooting for the mid 30s in waist size.
Rich Sonderegger
on 12/17/11 7:31 am
VSG on 11/22/11 with
WOW WOW WOW!!! Can't imagine how good that feels! Congrats!
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on 12/17/11 7:32 am
That is awesome!
on 12/17/11 8:06 am
I'm so jealous!! But seriously, congrats girl! way to go!
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on 12/17/11 8:25 am - TX
 Congrats Jocelyn! I'm in San Antonio too. My surgery is Monday. 
Jocelyn P.
on 12/17/11 10:11 am - San Antonio, TX
Good luck on your surgery! It's so worth it!!

5' tall  HW209/SW194/CW153.4/GW140
It's never too late to be who you might have been. ~George Eliot  



on 12/17/11 8:38 am - San Francisco, CA

MY GOSH CONGRATS!!  I love my sleeve as well..have'nt gotten to single digits quite yet but I'm loving the journey!



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on 12/17/11 9:13 am
Way to go!
on 12/17/11 9:22 am
 Jocelyn, I just noticed we have the exact same surgery date!  I am not in single digits, by any means, but I know what you mean about the baggy pants.  I was excited to find a pair of black jeans size 12, and they fit and I bought them because I was so excited to fit in a 12.  The weather was still too hot to wear them, though.  When the weather cooled off, I got them out of the closet only to find that they were too big!  I may never get into single digits, but I am extremely happy with the low double ones.  I totally agree with you.  I love my sleeve too, and intend to keep it working for me, too.