Surgery tomorrow morning....NERVOUS!!

on 12/19/11 10:25 am - Canada
This is it, surgery for me in the morning. I have mixed feelings, I am glad to be over with it since I am tired of living like this but on the other hand, I am terrified! I am not sure what to expect and I probably think it worst than it will actually be but thats my nervous nature..any comforting words or advice?
on 12/19/11 10:29 am - IL
Good luck, I hope all goes well
on 12/19/11 10:38 am - Roselle, NJ
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best wishes tomorrow for a speedy recovery....just breathe and by this time tomorrow, u will be on the losers bench....keep us posted.






on 12/19/11 10:41 am
Best wishes to you!  I hope everything goes well for you!  Just remember every day gets better and easier.  I LOVE my sleeve!!

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on 12/19/11 10:46 am
You are going to be "living like this" for some time yet, so please don't expect otherwise!  After surgery you may be even more limited on what you can eat, and it will be harder to get what you need inside you.  It's going to take a few months before you get worked up to anything like your normal post-surgical eating pattern.

That said, I had mine the 15th and I'm OK.  Still working to get things in, still easily tired, still some pain-- but it's something I'm going to make it through.  Having a realistic attitude can help.  :-)


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on 12/19/11 11:14 am - Lilburn, GA
I'm right there with you. My surgery is less than 11 hours away and I am really anxious. Just ready to get on the road to recovery.

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on 12/19/11 11:25 am
Just think this time tomorrow you will not even be craving foods (head hunger is a bit different and kills ya sometimes). I know I had no wish to even drink but you have to force yourself when the time comes. All new feeling inside.

I think we were all scared, i was more scared when I left my child in the car at the airport with my dad and had to go inside before the tears started. Once I got past that part I was fine until I went to go lay down in the hospital for a nap to them coming in to tell me that it was my turn, times got switched around. All went well and it was a breeze for me post op. Soreness for a few days but nothing major.

Not sure if you have ever had a c-section but if you did this is NOTHING compared to that.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and good luck tomorrow. Just know you are doing the right thing to get healthy.
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VSG on 02/14/12
You will do just fine!!  In just a short 12 hrs (ish)  you should have had your surgery and on the way to recovery and on the loosing side!! 

Really, everything will be great and feeling nervous is a normal thing that i'm sure EVERYONE goes through right before surgery!

MY advice is GO TO BED and SLEEP!! So you can be rested for the morning! 

Will be waiting to hear from you!! 

Your friend always!

Susan C.
on 12/19/11 12:31 pm
 You're going to do fine... We're going to do fine?  I'm having my surgery tomorrow too.   We'll be on the losers side soon enough... Soooo excited for us.  
Debra P.
on 12/19/11 1:41 pm - CA
VSG on 03/15/12
 Just remember... the first two days are the worst and it gets better everyday after that... Walk, sip, repeat.  Good luck !!