I'll soon know the answer to the all infamous question.....

on 12/23/11 1:43 am, edited 12/23/11 1:44 am
Is it the stress of the vsg diet or the general anesthetic that makes you lose your hair?

I had my VSG in 3/11, and like clockwork started shedding my hair a few months later.  About 2 months ago my stylist told me she was seeing lots of new growth coming in......and then around Thanksgiving time I noticed I had bladder prolapse (again! GRRRR!!    ).  So this week I had surgery to do bladder repair and of course the spinal didn't take hold correctly (translate that to "it felt like they were removing my belly button from the inside"....not enjoyable  , so they slapped me with a general anesthetic.  I'll let you know in a short time if my hair starts falling out again.  I WON'T BE HAPPY, but at least I know that it is only temporary.  


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on 12/23/11 8:36 am - CA
 I think it is a myth that anesthesia causes hair loss.  Many patients have other types of surgery and don't have this.  I myself have had both a hysterectomy and a major Laparotomy/Omentectomy and neither time lost any hair afterwards.