Before and After 10 months out (PICS INCLUDED)

on 1/19/12 2:02 am - Brooklyn, NY
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I finally had th balls to post my journey on facebook with my before and after pics.  I had so much anxiety about doing it.  I was so ashamed of the before pics.  I couldnt believe it was actually me.  I am overwhelmed at the support I have received both on and offline.   I am having some issues.  The dreaded tailbone/****yx issue.  I am going to the orthopedic next week.  And believe it or not, I have lost an inch in height and 2 shoe sizes.  Here  goes the pic

my high weight @ 269 lbs

A couple days before surgery @ 257 lbs

I had gotten down to 154 lbs. this is me then

I actually put on weight and shot up to 162 lbs.  People were saying I was putting on too much muscle and was beginning to look masculine.  so I am focusing more on cardio and have gotten to 156 lbs.  I am thinking I need to try to dip below my goal weight and then put the rest back on in muscle.  I feel great, better than I have in a long time.  I havent been on in a while and I know I need to touch base you guys.  There is so much going on and changes in my body, it's a lot.  

If anybody has any info on the tailbone issue... please let me know.  or is there anything I can look forward too.

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on 1/19/12 2:04 am
Congrats, great job!

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on 1/19/12 2:06 am - Brooklyn, NY
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On January 19, 2012 at 10:04 AM Pacific Time, Alan J. wrote:
Congrats, great job!
thanks. according to your stats, you're doing an excellent job yourself.  way to go!  I
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on 1/19/12 2:05 am - LA

Damn girl, you look amazing! I would be posting those picture everywhere for the world to see. You look gorgeous! Keep up the great work!

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OMG thats amazing.
on 1/19/12 2:10 am - PA
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Love the muscles!! I'm a big fan of weight training and love seeing new muscles popping out.

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On January 19, 2012 at 10:10 AM Pacific Time, Eileen36 wrote: Love the muscles!! I'm a big fan of weight training and love seeing new muscles popping out.
Eileen i do too. Nicole Wilkins is my body inspiration. she is about my height and at my goal weight. I have her picture in my cell phone as a constant reminder of where I wanna be.  Is that obsessive?
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on 1/19/12 2:13 am
Maybe the "too masculine" comments are because of the "before" vs "after" image they had of you.  Certainly, getting the cardio in is great but don't let them "guns" go to waste either.  I'm impressed!
on 1/19/12 2:13 am
VSG on 01/05/12
You go girl...absolutely AMAZING job! Congrats
on 1/19/12 2:15 am - Brooklyn, NY
VSG on 03/01/11 with
thanks ladies. I almost cried when I put up those before pics and I had difficulties breathing. because I didnt know if I should let anyone see me like that. (the ones right before surgery). I was gonna take it down, but hubby was like, you may inspire someone....leave it up.

I am in the gym like 5 days a week. we have one at my job. I dont want to go back there. I have always worked out. even during the before pics, I was working out 4 days a week. I just wasnt getting the results I wanted. now I only need to do 30 mins a day instead of the hour and half to 2 hrs a day I was doing before with no results.

you guys are doing so well so far too. good luck
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