Wow...pregnant in like 2 minutes

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So my doctor cleared us to get pregnant. My labs look good, I am at his goal weight and I am stable there.  We were in Colorado and wanted to wait until we got out to California (we are military and got moved) so we got out here and got our house and blah blah blah.  So anyways I have NEVER had trouble getting pregnant.  My oldest daughter took a month.  We lost our second one but it took us 2 months.  Our son took us 8 months but my husband was going back and forth with a deployment in the middle of all that.  Our youngest daughter took us a month.  I had my sleeve done after my last one.  So we started letting it go about 3 weeks ago and yep..sure enough 5 minutes later I am pregnant.  We are REALLY happy but very nervous.  Like I said I lost our second one, my son was born with Cerebral Palsy because of a blood clot in utero and I had a lot of bleeding with my last one so for some reason bleeding is an issue for me.  Plus this being my first one after my sleeve obviously makes me nervous.  I know I was cleared but still...I am nervous for our baby.  I am nervous I will look like I did after I gave birth to the other 3.  I am just all around scared on this pregnancy.  I can usually eat pretty normal meals now. Last night I was able to eat 3 ravioli stuffed with chicken and a piece of garlic bread.  Any advice would be great:)  We really are excited but I feel like I cannot get too excited until I am in the hospital holding a baby (boy am not sure I can handle another girl).
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Can't offer advice on the eating as I have yet to get my sleeve. But I wanted to take a moment to tell you that I will keep you in my toughts/prayers. Am sure that you will do fine just make sure that you follow all of your doctor's instuctions.  Best of Luck!

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I had a few miscarriages too and i know exactly how you feel.  
No advice on the sleeve (not sleeved yet) but wanted to wish you the best of luck!!
You and your family will be in my prayers!
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Congrats! I know how you feel as well. I had 3 miscarriages, and a son born with severe cerebral palsy. I had a placenta abruption with him and my daughter. The doctors said my son would not last 3 days, because he went more than 40 mins without oxygen. He lived 9 1/2 years, we lost him in 2004. My daughter is perfectly fine, but according the doctors should not be here, by the grace and mercy of God, she managed to stay on top of all the blood when my placenta broke with her.

I said all this to say God is an Awesome God and he will see you through, enjoy your pregnancy everyday, you will be fine. I am praying for you...

ETA: I forgot to add, that I have not been sleeved yet.

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Pregnancy after VSG is pretty awesome. I had a completely uneventful pregnancy due to VSG. I have other health issues including a clotting disorder. I was diagnosed with MTHFR which cause platelet functioning to be screwed up, and there is no cure, only treatment is an 81mg aspirin every day, and for delivery, I was prescribed 60mg of Prednisone for over 30 days. I had an uneventful planned csection even though I went into labor 2 days before I was scheduled. She was full term, perfectly healthy, and weighed 7lb 5oz. I did gain weight and I gained the recommended or suggested gain of 30-35lbs, I gained the full 35lbs by delivery. The pred contributed to about 8-10 lbs the last month which is quite a bit, but I was in a healthy BMI range. To date, almost 12 weeks post-delivery, I've lost 22-23lbs and haven't changed anything about my intake other than eating smaller meals. I just haven't gotten serious about losing the weight. I'm still a size 8/10 and am comfortable for now. My skin stretched out tremendously on my stomach and it's going to take time for it to rebound. So, I'm not killing myself to lose the last bit of baby weight.

I can tell you my restriction became extremely loose in the 3rd trimester, my cravings were absurd, and my hunger returned full force. The last month was horrific for cravings and hunger, again the prednisone contributed to that issue. Around 3-5 weeks, my hunger was gone again, and my restriction is back to what it was before pregnancy. Hopefully, you can get a solid diagnosis for the clotting issue, I've dealt with it for since my revision and was undiagnosed until I went to the perinatologist as a high risk patient. The VSG did not make me high risk, my age (34) and my history of slow clotting time through me into high risk category.

The baby will take from you what it needs. Protecting your body and health is a priority, and your ob will give you calorie/carb/protein recommendations to make sure you are taking enough in to sustain your body and the baby.

Staying on top of your labs, vitamin levels is the utmost important task. Taking additional b12 is definitely required since we dont absorb it properly if chewed or swallowed. I stayed on my bariatric vitamins from Celebrate instead of taking pre-natals.

Hope this helps and big congrats
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 Sending prayers your way. Hope this is a problem-free pregnancy for you! Take care of yourself and the little bean growing inside of you.
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Congrats! Now I've got the song "It Only Takes A Moment" from Hello Dolly running through my head! LOL

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