Gained 20 Pds

on 2/2/12 11:00 pm - Ridgewood, NY
Hello everyone, it has been a really long time since i have been logged on. But I need some type of support. I had my sleeve done in June of 08 My lowest weight was 130 and now I am 152. I am freaking out and have lost track on everything that I worked so hard to get (as in my lowest weight)

Can some of you guys give me some helpful hints on getting back on track?




Sara D.
on 2/2/12 11:29 pm - Brooklyn, NY
You are definitely a breath of fresh air... This is sooo off topic but I'm having surgery scheduled March 5 with Dr. Kini and have been seeking someone who has done this with him and finally here you are... If you'd like you can PM me but I just wanted to know overall, what was your experience with him?
on 2/2/12 11:47 pm - MS
VSG on 06/12/12
I haven't been sleeved yet but I can tell you what I've read in many posts - go back to the basics. Log your foods and exercise (I use The rest of the advice on diets will have to come from vets here, I'm still working on a low calorie pre-surgery diet. Good luck and keep logging in here for support!
on 2/3/12 12:04 am
Hi, Welcome back!
Getting back to the basics is the best thing I can think of. Focus on protein first, cut the starchy carbs out, perhaps the 5 day Pouch Test? Try going back to your favorite protein drink for a couple of meals/snacks per day.

How's your exercise level been? Reverting to no exercise is so easy, but once you get back into the groove you'll be surprised how much your body craves that oxygen boost every day.

Best wishes....hang in there. You can do this!

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Jenny C.
on 2/3/12 12:19 am
I read the book "Habits of successful weight loss surgery patients" and committed to following those (most of 'em).  The ones I follow:

Dense protein first
No drinking with meals
No soda pop, ever
Exercise daily, preferably 45 minutes total each day

I also make sure to take all vitamins daily and drink at least 64 oz of water.

Good luck.  YOU CAN DO THIS!!! 
on 2/3/12 12:32 am - Randolph, NJ
I am only 5 weeks out but I know to go back to following your post surgery basics will help. Also, don't beat yourself up. You are human. Love yourself through this. Next, think about how wonderful it is to have "just" 20 lbs to lose...and not the amount you started with before your sleeve. You can totally do this and your tool is still there waiting to be put to it's proper use. Good luck!!
on 2/3/12 1:59 am
Congratulations on admitting your gain and coming back for support.

In October, we adopted a newborn baby boy.  Between that and Christmas, I gained 10 pounds.  And, I know exactly how I did it.  Snacking, eating holiday cookies, drinking 2 glasses of wine instead of 1, etc.

But, I'm down 4 of those 10 with 6 to go.  And, I'm still eating.  Protein first, then veggies/fruit, and some carbs.  I know I love my glass of wine in the evening so I plan for that.  I've gone back to using  Tracking what I eat is soooooo helpful.

You CAN do this!  Let us know how we can help.

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on 2/3/12 2:03 am
 Only 6 weeks out, but perhaps revert to the plan from your early days

Most posts indicate:
600-800 calores
less than 40 carb
Protein first
At least 64 ounces water
Wait at least 3 hours between eating
Vitamin supplements
Track your calories and protein (I use free and easy)

My NUT has me at:
600 calories
90 grams of protein (based on height, I am 6'1)
3 meals, 2 snacks
She does not restict carbs under 40, but rather uses this formula

Divide your daily calorie allowance in half.  Take that number and divide by 4- that is your carb target.  For example, I have a 600 calorie target divided by 2 is 300.  300 divided by 4 is 75.  Hence, my carb target according to my NUT is 75.  

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Pura Vida
on 2/3/12 3:55 am - Costa Rica
I have been in your shoes. Had my surgery in Jan 09 and got down to 141 for about 20 minutes and then maintained at 145 for a year, then I started eating crap and between yrs 2 and 3, I got back up to 170!!! I was using the excuse "oh, I look better with my skin filled out a little" until I saw a picture of myself and realized..OMG I am huge...AGAIN...

So the first thing I did was get my protein powder and I made sure that I had 3 protein shakes a day, I cleaned up my food intake, limiting my cookie habit. It has been since October that I have been back on track and I have lost 16 lbs, now at 154. My original goal was 150, so I am almost there. I also started yoga and walking an hour a day.

You can do this!! Go back to basics.

on 2/3/12 6:38 am - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Same here!!

I can't go back to basics!!!...I just eat 1200ish calories a day (all variety of foods) and I lose!..Will have to eat more once exercising!



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