15 mo later and a New Life!

on 3/14/12 4:21 am - Ashburn, VA
I had VSG on 12/14/10 and at the time I was 5'7" and 270+, it is 15 mo later and I woke up this morning at 182.

I was always an overweight person, I was the fat kid at school and no matter what I did, I was always larger than everyone (You know the feeling!). Well I am no longer that person ... And sometimes its odd, sometimes its hard, but mostly its amazing.

There were alot of difficult transitions to go thru - Learning how to eat and drink after surgery, learning how to count calories (this was a BIG lesson for me!), learning to realize that I am not just the big girl with the pretty face, learning that I dont have to be embarrassed that I have lost weight - to be proud of it, and many many more lessons.

Right now I am working on trying to sync my body and brain to the fact that, no I am not skinny (even tho I feel like it!) and yes, I can lose more weight and get to my goal of 165 and I wont be a twig. Its interesting to realize that I am worried about losing too much weight, and I have been trying to be OK with being a healthy size person!

I can carry groceries from the car without feeling like my heart will explode, I can clean my house without breaking into a pouring sweat, I dont worry about how sweaty I will get at work and how many times I will have to go to the bathroom and "clean up" to look presentable to clients (I have a job that I have to run around all day and meet with clients, looking my best), and I can fit into a normal (read: tiny economy class) airplane seat WITH ROOM TO SPARE! Ok, so the last 15 lbs lost have started to make it known in the size of my boobs - but hey, we cant have it all! And if that is the only thing I have to complain about, then there is nothing to complain about!!

My life is better, my outlook is happier, my daily life is easier and overall I am much healthier. Thanks to everyone that helped me get to this point, and the hell with everyone that criticized me. Its my life, I love it and I love myself - Not just inside, but outside now too :)

Good Luck to everyone on your journey. It will be filled with ups and downs, and there will be days you wonder "what the hell did I do?!" ... But I hope in the end you will be as happy and healthy as me. God Speed on your journey!!!

on 3/14/12 4:29 am - LA
Amen sista! I completely understand with everything that you have just said and feel the same exact way.  Congrats on your new outlook on life and being able to live every day to the fullest. You should be very proud of yourself and I know you are! You deserve it!
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Please excuse the Hijack!
Felicity, what kind of water did you say you drink? I wanted to try and find it but did not write down the name.


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on 3/14/12 7:19 am - LA
Sorry for the hijack again but Faye, I use the Mio liquid enhancers.  I love all the flavors except the peach but I'm not a big peach person. Walmart also has their own brand that is 1.00 cheaper than the Mio brand and just as good.  All of the walmart flavors are good except i'm not fond of the sweet tea flavor and I love the grape flavor.  Hope this helps!
on 3/14/12 5:09 am - Cordele, GA
VSG on 07/09/12
Thanks for your message.  How encouraging!  I can't wait for my new life.
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There should definitely be a "high five" icon!  What a great post.  Thank you so much for posting.  I am early post op (stopped counting by days but it's about 2 1/2 weeks) and honestly I can feel myself becoming overly concerned about how I"m measuring up to folks posting.  It's craziness I know.  Your journey sounds so real and where you are so healthy it's really something that I can admire and aspire to.  Thanks again for sharing.

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on 3/14/12 5:25 am
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Wow...you have done an awesome job and I love the positive attitude!! You are definately an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!


 "Encourage instead of criticize.  Love instead of hate.  Hope instead of doubt. Give instead of take.  Trust instead of worry.  We open our hearts to others so that they will be prompted to open their hearts to God"  Lucy Swindoll










on 3/14/12 6:32 am - VA
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We go to the same practice! Congrats on your weight loss and all the adjustments you're making!
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on 3/14/12 6:33 am

Yes, I was a fat kid and my dirty little secret is that I feel skinny in the 190s!!  This is good and bad - I hear you!

Congratulations on your success and I'm sure you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to!!

:) Happy

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on 3/14/12 8:19 am - Ashburn, VA
Thanks everyone, and congratulations to all of you that are making the steps to getting your life back. You will have hard spots, and there will be times when you wonder if you made the right decision, etc ... but look at it in chunks, not day to day. When I was having trouble losing weight my husband reminded me "You have lost 1/3 of the weight" or "Sweety it doesnt happen overnight". Don't worry, it WILL happen.

Use the comparisons to others as a guideline, not a goal. Everyone is different, just as we all gained weight for different reasons. You will lose it differently. And if you don't, then you need to stop and examine what you are eating, how much, what hours, etc. Its easy to fall into the same habits - So build GOOD habits!

The surgery does not "fix" everything. It gives you a tool to manage your weight, but you can put it back on if your not careful. And most importantly - Losing weight does not FIX your problems. That is all in your attitude and your choices. Don't let others drag you down, and dont drag yourself down! You are worth all the hassle :) 

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