on 4/13/12 1:29 am - Ellenwood, GA
Well just wanted to share and ask for advice.. I had my vsg on june 30th 2010 I went from 350 pounds to 188-190 (depending on the day)... lol..  My goal is to be under 150 and I do notice loose skin and I wanted to know should I remove the skin now or am I supposed to wait until I reach my goal weight??

Thanks and heres a new pic and I have some included in my profile..

p.s. I just tried to change my avi pic.. how long does it take to load up?

on 4/13/12 1:39 am - FL
For the best end results I would wait-
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Bonnie L.
on 4/13/12 1:39 am
 You look great!!!  Congratulations!!  
As for surgery I was told that I should wait two years to give my body time to do its thing.  You can call around or ask your surgeon.  The extra skin and fle****hink will probably weigh 20 lbs for me and I cannot wait to have it removed.
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on 4/13/12 1:51 am - IA
wtg you will make to goal soon woot !
on 4/13/12 2:44 am
VSG on 04/27/12
You look great!

As for the skin, isn't there a chance you'll have to do it again if you do it now?

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on 4/13/12 3:34 am
You look amazing!!! Congratulations on your weight loss! I would wait until goal to get PS, but that's just my 2 cents.
on 4/13/12 6:21 am
VSG on 03/07/12 with

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on 4/13/12 11:45 am
VSG on 07/18/13
 you can have a panniculectomy before you reach goal if the skin is causing infections, rashes, chafing etc, but I'd wait if it's not.  

most PS won't do abdominoplasty until you're at goal, AFAIK.

on 4/14/12 2:35 am - Ellenwood, GA
Thanks and I wish u all good luck with this life change!! BE BLESSED!!!
on 4/15/12 6:09 pm - San Jose, CA
Look at my profile.. I had a lower body lift before goal, and I'm very happy I didn't wait. It's motivated me to get the rest of the weight off from the other areas, like my thighs and such.

My stomach is flat, my butt is normal sized, and there is nothing to lose from that area, so if I lose more it will come from other areas. You do not need to be at goal to get PS but you want to be on the closer side to it, and not all surgeons will help you out.

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