Hair loss, mood swings gained a little weight back any advise?

on 5/3/12 2:02 pm - deville, LA

June it will be 2 years since my weight loss surgery. I have lost 100lbs but got pregnant before they advise. I had a very rough pregnancy incompetent cervix, high blood pressure, and in uterine growth restriction. Devloped HELLP syndrome and had to have baby at 34 weeks. Then 2weeks later emergency gallbladder surgery so now my baby is 4 months out I'm losing my hair in clumps, mood swing like crazy and gained back a few pounds back. I'm an emotional wreck!!


Any advise on any of this? My hais loss is REALLY starting to worry me. TIA

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on 5/3/12 2:12 pm - Albuquerque, NM
VSG on 04/24/12
Are you taking your vitamins?  Also, I want to tell you that postpartum depression is very real.  It's a chemical condition that can be fixed.  What are you doing to take care of yourself?  Weight gain is normal during pregnancy.  If you a nursing it will make the weight loss easier.  Any time you have surgery the hair loss can occur.  It's hair it will grow back. 

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on 5/3/12 2:17 pm
VSG on 02/22/12
 I just had surgery 2.5 months ago, but after I had my baby about 3 or 4 months later my hair started to come out a TON!  I thought I would go bald.  My Dr said it is unavoidable for some people.  Hope it stops for you soon!  It didn't last too too long, only about 2 months.

on 5/3/12 2:24 pm
VSG on 04/11/12
Totally NORMAL,   I had c-sections with my daughters, and 2 mos. later, Hair came out in clumps as well.  As far as the mood swings, you are just Hormonal, that is to be expected and it lasts a long time,  Just be aware of it, in case of post partum.  Congrats on your baby and your success with WLS 
on 5/3/12 2:25 pm - deville, LA
I'm trying to take care of myself but, blind husband, special needs child and a newborn. Seem like I'm last on the list. I need to step up out of this funk. I'm a little worried about depression but, trying to push on through it. I was slipping on my vitamins a bit but, got that back in check now. Just ordered some mega red krill oil for a boost. Heard some good things about it.

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on 5/3/12 2:46 pm - CO
VSG on 08/06/12
I think it is the pregnancy that has made you lose the hair. I lost a bunch of hair at around 4-6 months after all of kids were born. It was sudden and drastic, but didn't last that long. Then I had new stubble pretty quick after that. I think that is about hormones or something.

The mood swings are normal after pregnancies too. There are chemical changes in the brain. Don't ignore those moods tho, log them and make sure you talk to your doctor if they are starting to affect your daily life. After my kids, I found that regular exercise and working to get better sleep really helped my moods. You don't sleep normal with a newborn and sleep deprivation can really mess with your head. Try to get someone to help out so you can get longer periods of uninterupted sleep at least every other night.


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on 5/3/12 11:07 pm
VSG on 10/18/12
About 3 or 4 months of giving birth I started losing my hair as well, I called my Dr. and she informed me it is quite normal for mothers to lose their hair when your hormones start going back to normal. She said it normally happens a few months after having the baby. I got pretty bald near my ears, but it did get better after a month or so? Just keep up with your vitamins. My dr kept me on my pre natal as I was nursing. Good luck, and Congrats on your baby!
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