5 days out and doing so much better

Catrina T.
on 5/6/12 3:09 pm
VSG on 05/01/12

I posted before of my first couple days post op. Not a great experience with my surgeon, pain like I haven't felt since labor with my kids. Was just plain miserable. But..it all worked out. My surgeon was able to give me a plausible and legitimate, though totally human, excuse. Once he realized his PA hadn't even been to see me he rushed to the hospital right then to see me. Full of appologies. As well as reassurance that was backed up by the nurse that he hadn't forgotten me. Had called and been called several times with updates on me. He had a meeting the morning he was supposed to see me and his PA was taking over rounds. She did not realize I was at the surgery center I was and not at the hospital with the rest of their patients. It was miscommunication. Shouldn't have happened, he said that had never happened. THe nurses backed that up and said he is one of their favorite Drs because he is so hands on. I let it go because I AM a nurse. And while I won't slam a Dr to a patient I will also not defend in any way or sing praises in any way of a Dr I think is a quack or I disrespect. So...that is over. I also let it go because it worked out fine for me...nothing bad happened so easier to forget it.

It all got better each day once I got home. I can now get myself up from a lying or sitting position without thinking Damn...this is gonna suck! lol.

I do have an incision I think might be getting infected. :( I am going to call tomorrow to see if they will look at it. My 1 week appt is thurs, but I don't want to wait until I have a huge hole.

Getting fluids down great. The shakes are a different story. I don't think I have gotten in more than 2 a day. I am drinking a lot of milk to try and make up the protein deficit...The calories and carbs worry me, but once I can add food in I think I will be just fine there.

And best of all? I have lost 12 lbs in 8 days! 6lb on the 3 day liquid pre op, 6 since surgery! WOHOO!! Let the fun begin!

Nadurra Deb
on 5/6/12 4:28 pm - CO
VSG on 08/06/12
I am so glad you are doing better! And I'm so glad you gave us an update. I'm pre op so it really helps ease my mind to see that though there seems to often be early issues right after surgery, they do resolve. I NEED to hear the good and the bad. We can't predict exactly how this surgery will affect us and what issues we might have post op but it is good to hear what others experience so we can brace ourselves for all of the possibilities knowing whatever the issues, we will survive and be in a better place on the other side. Thanks for sharing!


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on 5/6/12 9:50 pm
 From my experience, it does get a little easier everyday. Glad to hear you're doing better!
(deactivated member)
on 5/6/12 9:50 pm - dubai, United Arab Emirates
im so glad you are doing much better, i was is so much pain too but with enough liquids and the right pain meds , every thing is back to normal.
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