feeling stuck.... plateaus are the worst.

on 7/22/12 1:38 pm - baytown, TX
hey everyone... i am abt 9 mo out and have hit a plataus for 2 months.. the same 10lbs.... I'm a little upset.. did anyone else experience this and how did you get out of this jam and on to the rest of the weight... I don't wanna quit losing, but my Dr. says I should continue to strength train....

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on 7/22/12 2:17 pm
Month right, nine and ten for me seemed to be similar. For sticking to my diet plan four pounds a month sucks. I still have at least 21 pounds to go to my questionable goal of 165 to see if that is a good weight for me, doctor wants me to stop there but ok.. He said 150, no more after I told him I wanted to get to the low end of normal BMI.... I am hearing lots of medical doctors telling me to forget about the BMI numbers, they don't really believe in them and think they don't take into consideration body bone structure etc... People are already saying I am skinny but I know I still have more to lose, I definitely don't see myself as skinny just smaller then when I started this journey. I also been working out lots in the last few months and c25k so we are probably building muscle since we are losing inches so we do have to stop looking at the number on the scale. Remember we are getting healthy along the way, building muscle. I have a referral for plastics and they won't even meet with me until my BMI is 27, why is it that some insurances look at BMI and doctors shake their heads at that number? I do have a consult set up for january and hopefully be a normal BMI by then. I have 3 lbs to go or 11 from the reading on the drs scale which would put me at 175 on my home scale lol.

So if you don't NEED to lose the weight fast, then continue with your exercise routine. Better for you in the long run to build muscle mass then to lose lean muscle without the exercise. You still should lose inches and this counts more I think.
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on 7/22/12 2:40 pm - Granada Hills, CA
 Are you tracking? If not, you need to start so that you can get a very accurate picture of your intake/nutritional intake. It sounds like you need to drop your calories and increase your cardio, and definitely start some strength training. This weight loss takes a toll on our lean muscle mass and its important to preserve what you can and at some point you will want to start re-building some of it so that you can maintain a some what normalish metabolism. 

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