I wanted to introduce myself.....

on 7/22/12 7:42 am - Browns Mills, NJ
And thank everyone that posts here, I was a lurker forever.  My name is Robert, however I go by Bill, I am 151 pounds overweight and have tried many many times to loose it but have not had luck.  So my next step was WLS I am a bit scared but excited at the same time.

I finally made my appointment for my consultation and I have a tentative surgery date of 12/5/2012, pending all peliminary tests, and insurance approval.
on 7/22/12 7:46 am
Hi Bill. Welcome to OH! Hope all goes well with your journey. Keep us posted & good luck!!




on 7/22/12 7:50 am - PA
VSG on 03/19/12
Welcome Bill,

Congrats on your decision... It's the best thing you will have ever done for yourself. December will be here before you know it. Good luck with your preop testing. Feel free to write with any questions. 

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VSG on 07/02/12
Hello & Welcome
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VSG on 07/12/12
It's great you found your way here! The time will fly, trust me! Good luck!
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on 7/22/12 7:57 am
Welcome Bill and I am glad you decided to introduce yourself.  It's a good place to find camaraderie and support.
on 7/22/12 8:01 am - IL
VSG on 06/28/12
Hi Bill,

Happy to have you here...........it's a great place to find information, support, encouragement and helpful advice.

Good luck with your pre-op tests and getting approval...........we'll be watching to see your progress.

Welcome aboard -- it's a wonderful ride! 

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VSG on 04/23/12
Hey Hey Hey Bill! I was a lurker here too for many months. I'm almost 3 mo out Post-op Its the best thing I could have done for myself so far.... Would do it again.... Good Luck I learned so much from this OH site its great.. Cant wait to see you on the Loser Bench! WELCOME!


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on 7/22/12 8:08 am - Browns Mills, NJ
 Thank You everyone