I'm here!!!! I'm here!!!!!

on 7/30/12 5:14 am - LA
So nerves, I'm at my consult and I feel like a kid in an candy store...lol..my nerves are so bad, can't keep still..glad I brought my notebook full of questions cause I don't think I would remember them all..any important questions or anything I need to ask in particular..please advise...
on 7/30/12 5:36 am
 Good luck girl!
on 7/30/12 6:54 am - Franklin, KY
VSG on 08/15/12
ask him what size bougie he will use to measure your stomach! That's my top question lol.

DOS: 8/15/12

on 7/30/12 7:31 am - LA
Well the consult was as easy as a SD piece of cake.lol...we talked about the insurance requirements, with that being said I have to do 3 consecutive months of weight loss program...so per my surgeon I can have surgery last part of September or early October...so excited I know that this will fly by..so I don't have to post another depressing new years resolution...yay me!!!!
on 8/2/12 12:47 pm - Lake Charles, LA
VSG on 08/06/12
yaaayyy you!!
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on 7/30/12 7:59 am