Nutritionist Visit

on 8/6/12 9:55 am - Browns Mills, NJ
Had my nutritionist visit today at my surgeons office, and she wants me to start a protein diet to first shrink my liver, and second to get used to the changes that I will need to make after the surgery.  Though my surgery date is not for like 3 or 4 months

Anyone else go through this process
on 8/6/12 9:59 am
 Yep, and I HIGHLY recommend it!  Here is my history-

-seminar in September, wanted to start immediately working on the eating habits
-goal was to first stop gaining, did 2 weeks of "preeop" diet with no weight loss but tons of water retention... turned out the actigal didn't like my kidneys
- lost a little weight in October, started to exercise, but still had major struggles with eating habits
- November- a little more exercise, a little better eating habits, a little more weight loss
-December- 2 weeek official preop diet, lost 26 total prior to surgery but by far the most important thing is I made huge progress with fixing some of my eating habits... super important to get that in check as much as possible prior to surgery.

Totally worth it :)

Surgeon: Chengelis  Surgery on 12/19/2011  A little less carb eating compared to my weight loss phase loose sleever here!

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on 8/6/12 10:31 am - Tampico, IL
VSG on 09/26/12
depending what your bmi is becareful with to much weight loss you may get denied like I did the first time. I fell below 40 bmi and they denied me.
on 8/6/12 11:13 am - FL
Yes. I was instructed to let go of all grains and sugar, cut meals in half, and do two multi vitamins a day. Now, I am on the liquid diet - day 4 of 14. It will be worth the work to make adjustments rather than the rude awakening after surgery, I think. Good luck!

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on 8/6/12 10:40 pm
 I was REALLY mad when I was told my insurance company required 6 months prep.  I was like I'm ready now...blah blah.  Looking back, I was WAY more ready with the time and receiving more info and education.  Do it right and it will help you down the line.  Good luck!!!  
on 8/6/12 11:07 pm - Browns Mills, NJ
 Currently my BMI is 47.6, If I loose 50 pounds in the next 3-4 months which is when my surgery is supposed to be I still will be at 41.  Now don't get me wrong I would love to be able to loose the weight with out surgery intervention, but I have tried and tried.  If I loose 50 pounds by the surgery date I will do a cart wheel
on 8/7/12 2:57 am - MD
VSG on 07/17/12
I didn't go through that process, but when my surgeon started to do a Gastric Bypass, he had to stop because my liver was fatty and had signs of cirhossis. He ended up doing a VSG, for which I am thankful. The VSG is less restrictive food wise and I was somewhat worried about fooling with my intestines -- what problems it would present down the line.

If they want you to shrink your liver, do so. It will only help you in the long run. As it is now, I have to see a gastroenterologist to see what they can do for my liver, if anything. Funny thing is my PCP did all my testing a week before surgery and my liver #'s came back totally normal...

Good luck on the diet and the surgery. You will so happy you did it!