Actual surgery question.

on 8/26/12 9:39 am
VSG on 09/10/12
How long did your procedure take?  How long were you under?   I saw somewhere the average RNY takes 3 hrs, but haven't found anything on the Sleeve. 

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on 8/26/12 9:45 am - TX
90 minutes for me.
on 8/26/12 9:47 am
VSG on 03/29/12
I just asked my husband (I had never thought to ask lol)... he said it was about two hours from the time they wheeled me into the OR to the time I left recovery. I'm guessing I was in recovery for somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour. So about an hour to 90 minutes would be right for me too.

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on 8/26/12 10:11 am - Austin, TX
I don't really remember, but I do remember it was shorter than they told us. I want to think the actual surgery was only 45-60 minutes. I THINK I saw my husband just 90 minutes after I was wheeled back and out of recovery... I'd say figure 2 hours start to finish, but ask your surgeon and hospital.

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on 8/26/12 10:12 am - Granada Hills, CA
 Mine was about 1:30-1:45 min or so. - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

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on 8/26/12 10:37 am
I think 2 hrs....


on 8/26/12 11:06 am
VSG on 07/02/12
My best friend was actually my nurse and she told me that the actual surgery itself took 46 minutes. Not sure how long I was actually under. The whole thing probably took 1:30.

on 8/26/12 11:09 am - NV
VSG on 11/02/12
 my surgeon said at the seminar it was 45 mins for the procedure itself. 
on 8/26/12 12:49 pm
my surgeon says 45min to 90min

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on 8/26/12 1:33 pm - NJ
Mine was about 2 hours. Depends on the DR.