Home after sleeve on Monday

on 8/30/12 8:53 am - NC
Just wanted to give a quick update on how I'm doing.  My surgery was moved from 7am to 3pmon Monday.  I had to stay an extra night as my doc wanted to monitor my out of whack amylase (sp?).  It was back to normal today so I got to come home.  No pain, just belly sorness.  I only had one 5 min bout of nausea when I got up to go to the bathroom; they popped some zofran in my IV and I was absolutely fine.  Drinking Isopure today just because I've had PLENTY of unjury strawberry while in the hosptial.  Overall, it has been an easy transition with no known complications.  Hope to bring you great weight loss news in the next month or so.   Now starts the hard part.  
on 8/30/12 9:48 am
Congrats & good luck!
on 8/30/12 10:21 am
Yay! Yay! Yay!!! Sleeved Sista!!!
You will do great. The first month is tough, then it's easy breezy (well, sometimes). You've got this!!