Bad breath!?

on 8/30/12 7:43 pm
VSG on 09/10/12
I normally don't have any issues, but yesterday and today I have caught whiffs of my own breath and it's not pleasant!  :(    I brush and floss and have used mouthwash.

Is this all part of the program?  I will deal with it as it is, but am curious if anyone else had this problem? 

I am on day 5 of my liquid pre-op diet.  

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on 8/30/12 7:54 pm - Canada
VSG on 04/24/15
 Hi..I've recently read someone else asking this question and the answer is Ketosis.. I believe when your body is really fat burning it has this effect...maybe do a search on here and you can find those posts from a few days ago.
on 8/30/12 7:55 pm
VSG on 09/10/12
Also experiencing a sweetness in my mouth.  

to the below.. thanks!  I will see if I can find the post! 
Jenny S.
on 8/30/12 9:00 pm
In my orientation class for gastric sleeve the nurse mentioned this. She said it was due to protein & that everyone experiences this.  I could be off I will be starting my pre op stuff next week.  But,  just thought I would mention it.
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Allie A.
on 8/30/12 2:36 pm, edited 8/30/12 2:37 pm - Canada
I was told it was from the additional gastric enzymes and acid. Once we have surgery we are put on antacids because our pouch goes into acid overdrive.

I also had a naturopath recommend drinking a bit of lemon juice and water first thing in the morning. 1/2 oz.  water with a squirt of lemon juice before you eat anything. I was told its supposed to condition/prep your stomach to ballance the ph levels to what a stomach should be... Not sure if I ever really understood the reasoning, but it fixed bad breath. I didnt even need to used mouth wash.

on 8/31/12 5:07 am - TN
 First answer was correct - Ketosis.

When your body is burning fat instead of sugar for energy a change happens in your body because broken down fat is not the easiest fuel to use.  That change leads to some smelly side effects in some people - bad breath, a fruity smell, body odor changes.

Take the bad breath as a sign that you are doing what you need to do.  Get some listerine or other sugar free breath strips, get a new deodorant if you need to as well, and keep on trucking.

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