What does NSV mean?

on 9/12/12 6:26 pm - NJ
I cant figure it out - I'm a newbie - sorry!
Valarie L.
on 9/12/12 6:27 pm - TX
VSG on 10/02/12
It means non scale victory.

5'9"  HW - 295   SW - 270   CW - 201


on 9/13/12 5:51 am
NON SCALE VICTORY!!  those are those little things that you can't measure by the scale.  Like being able to cross your legs, people you haven't seen in a while that don't recognize you, clothes sizes that are smaller, labs within normal limits.  NSV are the BEST!!  There are more of them to measure also.  Don' t get caught up on the weight loss numbers, try and focus on ALL the victories!
on 9/13/12 2:05 pm - NJ
Thanks for the clarification!