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on 9/16/12 11:54 am - DE
 Hey guys I am due to have a revision from band to sleeve in early November. I just received the results from my first slep study. I have severe sleep apnea. I didn't have that when I got te band andnow I am afraid to go under anesthesia. I am afraid I may not wake back up. I know I need to do the surgery but I am so afraid. 
I go back on Thusday for test number two with a the machine on.

Anyone else have this problem?

on 9/16/12 12:06 pm - Nashville, TN
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Not me personally, but many morbidly obeses people do have it. That is why they want tyou to have a sleep test to start with,so they are aware and csn make sure to use your mschine during the surgery. Also,they will be watching you very closely and will MAKE sure you DO wake back up. It is a very CONTROLLED "sleep" aand they have numerous medications and machines to keep you safe.





Debbie R.
on 9/16/12 12:19 pm - Cedar Hill, TX
VSG on 02/27/12
I also have severe sleep apnea. They have bipap machines in the hospital & some people are told to bring their cpap machine to the hospital with them. My
surgeon didn't require me to do that. I had trouble waking up, but I am very sensitive to the medications & I think I just had too much meds. I was in ICU post op & they monitored me very closely. I knew I could have trouble with this, but I worked through my fears because I did this for health reasons like so many others. Try to think of all the pluses & pray alot!

Good luck sending prayers your way!!
on 9/16/12 12:20 pm - CA
VSG on 03/14/12
 I did not - but my mother did.  They used her machine during surgery.  She had SEVERE sleep apnea - as in the doc told her she was lucky she hadn't stroked out due to the severity of it.  She had WLS with her machine - woke up fine.  And didn't have to use the machine ever again.

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on 9/16/12 1:47 pm - VT
VSG on 07/02/12
I think the greatest risks involving anesthesia and sleep apnea is when you have it and it HASN'T been diagnosed yet.  Once they know what they're dealing with, they can take the appropriate action.
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Julia HasHerLifeNow
on 9/16/12 2:56 pm
VSG on 10/09/12
Not all surgeons require a sleep study. Mine told me not to bother. They monitor your oxygen levels after extubation and if there is the slightest problem they have a protocol for it. They pretty much assume that all the patients are at risk for this and act accordingly. I must say this is one of my greatest fears with regard to the surgery itself. The whole anesthesia, sleep, wake up process really freaks me out!

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on 9/16/12 2:33 pm - MO
VSG on 03/05/12
 That is why they have you do the test...for anesthesia  purposes. They will probably want data to prove that you are using your machine for some length of time and then they will have you bring it with you to the hospital and use it during surgery. I had mild apnea and took my machine with me. They didn't have to use it, but they were ready and watching in case I needed it. They like to know about it ahead of time to make sure they are prepared for you in surgery. It's wonderful that they caught it! Did you have a sleep study before having the band? 

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on 9/16/12 2:39 pm - DE
Yes, I did have the sleep study before band,however, it wasn't bad. I appreciate the feedback.
on 9/16/12 2:37 pm - Waialua, HI
VSG on 05/30/12
Knowing about it before surgery is key, you will be in good hands. I had sleep apnea too, but nice thing once you lose your wt, chances are very good it will go away or at least not be as bad. Good luck and congrats on your up and coming surgery....
on 9/16/12 3:48 pm
Just going to mirror what everyone else said. I had a sleep study done a couple of years ago that showed extremely mild hypopneas (didn't require a CPAP). When I mentioned that to the surgeon, he said just to be extra careful they might put extra tubes in my lungs for oxygen (not sure what exactly the deal was). Seemed like they have plenty of options if oxygen may be a problem.
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