OUCH Gas pains and UTI??

on 9/17/12 4:54 pm
VSG on 09/10/12

I am 1 week past surgery and STILL having sharp sharp gas pains - just under my left rib to the side a bit.  Feels like a sharp stitch in my side.  

Also, I am going to do a little research to see if percocet can cause UTI..?    I def am getting one and am concerned about how to treat it.   

I haven't really been taking my percocet because it makes me very dizzy, but woudl love to take something to ease the bit of pain I have left.   SIL brought me a pill crusher tonight so I'll try crushing reg tylenol and see how that goes.  

Anyone else get any other infection post surgery?   
Any tips on gas releif other than gasx strips and walking?

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Tirza T.
on 9/17/12 5:03 pm
VSG on 01/17/12
I am so sorry that you are not feeling well. I did experience the gas pains and walking was the best cure. I also had some fevers which was resolved by taking deep breaths and blowing it
out (working my lungs). But,  have never had an infection afterwards. Hope you feel better soon!
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on 9/17/12 6:19 pm - Edmonton, Canada
VSG on 06/26/12
I had a low grade UTI that my Dr found when I dragged my pitiful self to his office about a month after my VSG. He had me go off my BP meds for a week and have some labs done. UTI showed up, 5 days of antibiotics and I was a new woman. (and no more BP meds - huzzah!)

I think it was some dehydration that led to the UTI. I didn't take anything for pain past day 4.


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on 9/17/12 7:22 pm - Gonzales, LA
maybe a UTI from the cathiter, if you had one????  I am just throwing a guess out there, but girl if it hurts I say head in and get some meds...those things hurt when your feeling your best, they have got to be a killer when your trying to heal! 
Best Wishes!
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on 9/17/12 8:14 pm
VSG on 10/17/12
 Boo indeed! So sorry to hear you're feeling badly. Left quadrant pain coupled with UTI symptoms can also point to kidney stones. Usually no biggie as long as you remain super hydrated. Treatment includes pain management so the Percocet may come in handy. Keep sippin' and touch base with your docs.
Feel better soon!
Allie A.
on 9/17/12 4:10 pm, edited 9/17/12 4:11 pm - Canada
That sucks! Feeling bad on the top half and the bottom.

UTIs would definatley be from a catheter if you had one. I hope you're on antibiotics, because a UTI can turn into a kidney infection in less than 24hrs. Been there, done that. It actually looked like I was peeing out chunks of my kidney. Water water water! But for bladder/urethra pain get some Pyridium from your doctor. All other pain killers get filtered out before they reach your bladder. Everyone says cranberry juice helps. It does, but it's gotta be the super thick nasty unsweetened kind. No cranberry ****tail here. Because that juice tastes like crap, you can buy cranberry supplement pills. They recommend taking 1 a day to prevent UTIs . But since you have one, take as many as you want. Personal story here: I knew I was getting a UTI cuz I could feel it. So I was taking 10-12 cranberry pills a day and loads of water for 2 days until I was able to get to th doctor. We did a dip stick test, and no UTI... Well I figured I could stop taking copious amounts of cranberry cuz there was no UTI, 2 days later I went back and tested positive. Point of that story, Cranberry works.

As for gas pain, I'm sorry I have no advice. I lucked out with practically no has pain after surgery.

Hang in there!
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