Newbie.. Pre-op Diet starts today

on 9/23/12 11:34 am - NE
VSG on 10/09/12

Hi everyone.. I have been reading posts for the last couple of weeks and decided it was time to start posting. Started my pre-op diet today for the next 2 weeks.. My date is 10-9... I am excited to start my new journey and finally see what it is like to be on the loser's bench for good.. I have found alot of good and helpful tips from all of you as I will be able to use them on my journey.. I will try to post often.. I know this message board will help me along my way..

on 9/23/12 1:29 pm
VSG on 12/05/12
on 9/23/12 2:46 pm - Overland Park, KS
VSG on 07/09/12
Welcome and congrats on starting your new journey! The preop diet is definitely a head trip. A piece of advice...make sure to keep yourself busy. I had the hardest time with head hunger only when I was bored. The second week, I was on vacation and the preop diet was a breeze. GOOD LUCK!