Frustrated--possible delay in surgery due to newly found hypothyroidism

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During the pre-op medical stuff, I was found to have hypothyroidism--I already see an endocrinologist for PCOS--just got my second (and confirming) tests back, hypothyroidism, and I start meds tomorrow.  When I asked my Endo today what affect this would have on my bariatric surgery, he said I couldn't have surgery until my T-levels evened out with the meds--he wrote me a script for 5(mg?ml?)--anyway, he said the absolute smallest dose, and won't test my blood again for 2 this rate, I think it'll take MONTHS to "level out".

I've spent more than $3,000 (and I have insurance!) and have reached my out of pocket max for the year already, and I still have a few more things before I can file for approval for the sugery mid-November.  (one of those being medical clearance saying I"m healthy enough for surgery--which I can get from my Endo or my PCP, my preference)...if this drags out past 1 January, I start my out of pocket AGAIN, $3,000...and I'll max that with this surgery ($1,200 deductible, then, $3,000...for $6,000 I could have gone to Mexico, had a vacation, and THEN had the surgery (well, almost!).

So, while I know that I should take the advice of my Endo and be patient and make sure I am at my most healthy before attempting surgery (or even filing!!), I'm so very tempted to go to my PCP and ask for clearance...

Please give me sound advice (or smack me up side the head)...please?!?

(Anyone who had hypothyroidism who would like to share their experiences on how long it took to find the "right dose", that would be appreciated, too!)

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Sorry. Are you taking synthroid the brand name? I have a standing order for my labs every 4-6 weeks maybe you can talk him into 4 weeks for another lab draw. It does take awhile to even out. .25 is the smallest dose. Hope it's resolved soon.

I have thyroid issues and PCOS too. My endo is the one recommending I get sleeved.

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I wasn't able to pick up the meds this afternoon (not ready yet), so while I think he said Synthroid, I have yet to see if he said brand name only, or generic, or what the pharmacy will give (and what my insurance will pay for)...

My endo was supportive when I just has PCOS, but when I asked today after our convo and diagnosis, he said I would have to put off the surgery until I leveled out.

I like the idea of getting my PCP involved--not only should he know, but I think he has a more holistic view of my health.  That, and he doesn't mind ordering labs whever I want--my Endo wants to "wait and see" alot...very conservative.  Getting the PCP involved in monitoring can't be bad thing.  And he may agree that I'm healthy enough, or he may not...but atleast I will have had the discussion with someone qualified to make the decision who is not EMOTIONALLY VESTED (as well as financially vested) in having the surgery before 31 December of this year...
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Synthroid, the brand name, 1 tablet  50 MCG daily.  I was actively avoiding going to pick it up, but finally decided I was being stupid about it, and picked it up at last, took the first dose today.  the pamplet with the meds was SCARY (hair loss, mood swings, tremors, irregular heart beat, seizures ??) but I know they aren't that, nothing bad today...nothing good either, but I know it's way too early to really feel anything different.

I have an appointment in a few weeks to talk to my PCP about what he thinks, and do a blood draw for him...

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 Ive had hypothyroidism for over 15 years. my levels never really level... my dose is changed about twice a year from .175 to .15 then back again. no one knows why this happens, just go with it. it didnt effect my surgery, my pcp needed to write that he is aware and is monitoring it. The thyroid med was the only one they had me take the morning of the surgery, no blood pressure pill, no acid reflux, and no cholesterol, just the thyroid. I hope it can work out for you, i would talk to the pcp and see what he thinks. Good luck!
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DS on 10/08/13
On the plus side, you're getting good medical treatment to take care of a serious problem.

On the minus side, it is delaying your WLS.

Suggestion: while you are dealing the the thyroid issue, do the rest of the medical things your need for the WLS and have your bariatric surgeon submit the pre-authorization request to your insurance, scheduling it for sometime in December.  If you need to pu**** to next year, so be it, but, if your thyroid treatment goes well, you will be in the queue, waiting for the WLS.

Good luck with everything!
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I've completed all other medical requirements with the exception of last NUT appointment (scheduled for 16 October) and the letter stating I"m healthy enough for surgery...

As frustrating as it is, I know it's important to deal with the medical issues that have come up--they found an ulcer (no h pylori, thankfully) and a hiatal hernia as well...