Pooping... or lack thereof... not constipated

on 9/26/12 11:56 am
VSG on 09/10/12
I am 2weeks 2 days post op and feeling pretty good.  I have only had BM the week of surgery, then early the following week I used glycerine suppositories to get things moving to rid the gas that was stuck.  Have gone once since then...

It's been about 3 (maybe more) days since I had a BM, (sorry this is a tmi post!)... but I am curious if this is a normal trend...  eat less poop less?  lol

I only started solid foods yesterday.  

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on 9/26/12 12:14 pm - SC
VSG on 08/07/12
 Yes, eat less, poop less. You will still probably need to do Miralax to ensure you "go" a few times a week. If that doesn't work, Milk of Magnesia is very effective. You'll have to see how things go as you start to actually eat more.

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on 9/26/12 12:17 pm
VSG on 03/29/12
Even if you just started eating solids yesterday, you could still be constipated. I started having problems with constipation while on full liquids. In my experience, it was the lack of fiber in my diet that caused it, NOT the addition of solid protein. Even now at six months out I have to have miralax 2-3 times a week to keep things moving.

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on 9/26/12 12:31 pm - WA
VSG on 09/06/12
completely normal.... take something now !!!  dont wait... by the time you figure out you are constipated it will be wayyyyy toooo late ,  I speak from expierience.   I am now taking somehting every day to keep me moving and still I am not regular like i use to be.......     
on 9/26/12 12:34 pm - OH
RNY on 06/10/13 with

Thanks for posting this discussion!  This was a question I wanted to ask as I do research before surgery and wasn't sure how to ask.  There isn't such a thing as a TMI post for me.. I want to know it all!  :o)

on 9/26/12 1:24 pm
 I only go about every third day, not constipated at all, it's just less in, less out.  This is just my new normal.
VSG on 6/22/11
on 9/26/12 2:19 pm - VA
VSG on 02/16/12
I go about 2 or 3 times a week. That's it. I love it because it saves so much time! lol




on 9/26/12 3:05 pm
 So funny. I  never would have thought of it as a time saver! lol  

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on 9/26/12 11:38 pm - East Aurora, NY
VSG on 01/10/12
Yup Miralax now. I didn't go for two weeks and then had aweful intestinal pain and cramps. Throwing up in general aweful feeling for three days. Saw the Dr and he recommended it.  Now 9 months out I go usually every other day sometimes two days in a row then nothing for three. Not irregular, just my new regular.

Enjoy the sleeve it is incredible!!!!! It also has been a good journey.
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on 9/27/12 1:24 pm
VSG on 09/10/12
Yup... Def too late.   By the time I started thinking..  hmmm.... it's been a while... a week has snuck by...    Need to get some Miralax asap!

MY food is fuel, not a reward.  Its purpose is to sustain my body, not my soul.   ~ rhearob
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