Gastric sleeve plication?

on 10/2/12 6:38 pm
I have been researching WLS for some time, and have been considering plication, from what I've read, it seems to be rated between getting the band, and getting the actual sleeve.  I like the idea because it is reversible if there are complications, but I have yet to read any actual patient testimonials.  Has anyone had this done?  What pros and cons can you give me?
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on 10/3/12 12:16 am - Charleston, SC
It is fairly new.  I don't know if insurance companies are covering it yet - it may still fall under "experimental/investigative"

For more info, I research hospitals that are actually doing it...and contacting them.  They'd have more info on success rates, problems, and insurance coverage.

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on 10/3/12 1:15 am - Nashville, TN
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it is "reversable" about like the lap band is "reversable. You cantake the band or the folds of the plication out but they will always have "changes" in them. You will always have suture or staples holes in your folded stomach  and you will always have erosion/holes,adhesions ect from the lap band,

it is the nature of the beast . You can't have someone fold your stomach over and staple it and then have them undo it and it is a perfect stomach again. Know how when you staple pieces of paper together? When you pull out the staples you are never going to have paper without staple holes again,right? you can't magically make those staple holes dissapear and have a totally unalterewd piece of paper again. Same with plication or any WLS.

In this respect it is really NOT reversable cause what will they do with all the microscopic holes left behind?

Also,the plication,not removing any satomach also allows you to keep the hunger hormone Ghrelin in production. How are you going to like feeling starving all the time and can't eat much? Sounds pretty bad to me.

Be sure you research VERY WELL> GL with your drcision making and keep us posted.

We don't see many plication folks come back around after their surgeries so it is hard to tell about long term results.




on 10/3/12 1:34 am
VSG on 03/19/12 with
I was looking at plication, too. before I went with VSG.  After bunches of research, I saw that the plication is only reversible in the first few months, and the fact that you keep all the ghrelin (hunger hormone) unlike the VSG, made me focus on getting the sleeve.
 I hated the thought of having part of me cut away forever, but then I started wondering WHY would I ever want my stomach full size again.  Ulcers, stomach cancer. . .?
 Those are the only 2 reasons I could come up with, and with weight loss, I wouldn't need my mobic or ibuprofen (NSAIDS) as much any more (and I haven't)   (NSAIDS are the main cause of stomach ulcers in industrialized countries.) and stomach cancer doesn't run in my family.  If I did get it, well, my aunt lived without a stomach at all for 6 years.  On the other hand, lack of hunger would help keep me from sabotaging myself, and the folding make me wonder what would happen if it got stapled too tightly and the tissue died (necrotized).  Ewwww!  Even if not likely.

Like a previous poster said, research and more research is needed.  Whatever you decide on look carefully at your surgeon of choice and his complication rates as far back as you can go.

I hope this at least gives you a starting point to look at it some more.  My only regret is that I didn't do this 10 or 15 years ago.
Good luck.

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on 10/3/12 2:00 am
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Umm not really reversible!

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on 10/3/12 2:34 am
The plication is not reversible.  It is less expensive for surgeons to perform because the staples used in VSG are quite expensive.  There is no other benefit and quite a few drawbacks to the surgery.  The lack of ghrelin reduction is a huge issue.  The reason it is not reversible is that the tissue grows together, much like scar tissue does.  I would think long and hard and do tons of research, and than I would choose the VSG performed by a very experienced VSG surgeon. 
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on 10/3/12 7:19 am - Greater Austin Area
VSG on 02/03/12
Please watch this video by Dr. Alvarez on plication vs. sleeve.
on 10/3/12 7:23 am - Vancouver, WA
They are lying about the plication just like they lied about the band. It is a chaper surgery to do and doesn't take as much skill so they pu**** Neither the band or the plication are reversible, somewhat removeable but not without permanent damage. JUST SAY NO!!!!
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