Surgery 11/13/12

on 11/4/12 10:45 am - MA
VSG on 11/13/12

Hi all,

Glad I found this site and grateful so many people post with experience and encouragement!

I am getting nervous :(  I admit to being a 57 year old baby and "awfulizer" when it comes to  procedures.  I can handle pain, but I will not be so strong if I have a lot of nausea and/or vomiting.  I have a pretty weak gag reflex at the best of times...barely got through the pre-op upper GI.  So, trying to put on the big girl pants and deal, keeping eye on the prize. About 100 lbs to lose, but most important, hoping to reverse the diabetes dx. I'm on a small dose of meds and well controlled. Dr thinks I may leave the hospital without that prescription, so I am hopeful. 

More encouragement welcome!

One question for those through this stage as I am on protein shakes/1 meal daily now- can I sub a Quest whey protein no sugar alcohols bar for a shake sometimes? Or is there a reason for liquid protein specifically? I Thanks!


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on 11/4/12 6:05 pm
VSG on 11/13/12


I am getting sleeved the same day as you. I would ask your nut if that was ok. My nut gave us specifics of what we could eat. I have a liquid diet, and a list of approved liquids, and veggies I can have. Good luck to you. Take care.