4 days after surgery plz help

on 11/5/12 4:27 pm - Canada

Hi there,

I was sleeved on Nov.3 and since I went outside the operation room till almost now I am in a state of shock of the pain!

in the hospital they gave me pain killers but it looks like that everyone is different and I obviously needed more that what they are offering and still cant understand why they were very slow, it took them more than 3 hours after operation till they could gave me pethidine injection and put me to sleep, I was exhausted and so much in pain and felt that I didn't sleep or rest enough when the pain all started again after one hour!

Anyways I am trying to forget now...but I really need some help from you my friends:

today is my 4th day after surgery and I think that I have the dumping syndrome, my stomach feels very heavy and am living on water and apple juice as well as a liquid of some law fat yogurt mixed with water

When will I stop feeling the heaviness in my stomach? I mean when will I be able to leave bed feeling normal again without holding my tummy with my hands and pressing hard on it?! 

what should I do regarding the dumping syndrome?

I am very exhausted, tiered and sad and would love to cry but I just cant, did any of you faced this?


Julia HasHerLifeNow
on 11/5/12 4:44 pm
VSG on 10/09/12
I don't think you are experiencing dumping syndrome if you are only consuming apple juice and water. Dumping syndrome is when one eats carbs or sugar, usually simple sugars, and you get nausea and sweatiness and shakiness and need to lie down. I doubt you could have this on apple juice and water alone. But I could be wrong.

Everyone of us is different as you say - the best thing that you can do is walk walk walk and walk some more, rest, sip your water - try to get as close to your daily recommended dose of liquids as you can at this stage as dehydration is the enemy now. You have to keep it at bay.

Did you get a prescription for pain meds to manage things at home?
The heaviness you are feeling is probably gravity pain from the incisions. Some people find it comfortable to wear binding bandages or a binding corset like contraption that some get at the hospital. I did not so I don't have first hand experience with this but I have read it on here. I had to hold a pillow against my tummy if I coughed or sneezed for the first week or so. Then it felt better.

You will feel better, I promise. We all do, at our own rhythm. Wishing you better times ahead and that your pain can be controlled. Hugs and good thoughts.

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on 11/5/12 11:35 pm - Canada

Yes I have been giving a prescription for pain meds and they are working just fine, i guess i am rather disappointed at myself for being so weak. and I am really thinking a lot and don't know how would I manage it to fly back home with my 2 boys a lone, what if i had a light headed? my youngest ( 2 years ) is very very active and we are flying in at 10 am for 14 hours!

Thanks for your reply


on 11/5/12 4:49 pm - Dubai, XX
VSG on 03/13/12
Is the yogurt on your plan for 4 days post op?

I suggest maybe you replace that for now with clear chicken broth,beef consomme ect.

You've just had most of your stomach removed and some of us have more pain and discomfort.The heaviness feeling might be because of the swelling and this will take some time to go away.Most of us,not all though,felt like crying and what have we done and when will I be normal again for the first couple of weeks.

You have to walk but do take it easy.I spent 2 weeks in my comfy chair in front of the tv (watching cooking programs AND crying..lol) while just sipping water,tea and broth.Then all of a sudden I felt just fine.

Liquid paracetamol really did help for the pain more than anything else.Actually we got liquid Ibuprofen post op that also really helped.

Rest,sip,walk a little.




on 11/5/12 11:38 pm - Canada

Dr. M. Alkubaisy the assisstant of Dr. Abdulsallam Altai told me I can consume it .

I am happy to find someone who tried my surgeon even before me. 

on 11/6/12 1:29 am - Dubai, XX
VSG on 03/13/12

I didnt realize that we have the same dr.

Now,all of the sleeve girls here in Dubai became somewhat lactose intolerant after surgery.Now I just cannot remember exactly what I could drink the first week post op (dr Al Taie gave us this little book with food progression) but I would still maybe not do the yogurt yet.

I know quite a few people that was sleeved by him and we are all doing very, very well.Of course follow up is just taking the stitches out and thats that but we are quite supportive of each other so we've all been lucky,havent needed to see him again.

I had a huge amount of swelling for the first 2 weeks.You just have to take it very easy for now.Clear soups,broth,caffine free,tea and then when it is time to progress to the next phase,if you are ready test it little bit at a time.If you dont do well,go back to the previous liquids.It is very much a test and try thing in the beginning.

Good luck and please PM me if you need anything.




on 11/5/12 7:23 pm
VSG on 10/25/12
I'm almost 2 wks post op...stomach still hurts. Mine is the big incision on right...pulls and burns from inside. Heating pad helps. You should watch consuming juice, milky stuff. For three dys i was miserable running to bathroom. Then switched to Lactaid milk and that stopped. Best of luck to you.

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on 11/5/12 10:01 pm
VSG on 04/23/12

I think that you need to tell them your pain is still really bad, they can and should have sent you home with some med.  As for the heavy feeling, your body is trying to recover give it a week or so everyone is different. Your going to be exhausted as your body is healing. Sip, Sip, Sip and try some SF pops.  I wouldn't do to much juice after you get home its empty calories and you need protein to heal and give you some energy! Good Luck hang in there...


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on 11/6/12 4:21 am - Minneapolis, MN
VSG on 10/23/12
I felt the same way. I think I spend a whole entire day crying and feeling totally sorry for myself. I kept beating myself up over the fact that yeah, I had surgery... but why wasn't I up and feeling better and getting back to normal?

Honestly, every day will get a bit easier. You just had surgery and it takes time for your body to feel better. I found that taking a liquid vitamin B supplement (The "B complex" liquid from Nature's Bounty) helped me attain the energy to get up and get moving and actually feel good enough to want to eat and drink and get out of feeling icky.

Although you know best- if you are feeling extreme pain or nausea, don't hesitate to call your doctor.

on 11/6/12 10:22 am - Canada

Try switching the yogurt out for chicken broth or something clear. Most ppl have some intolerance to lactose for the first while. The swelling made me feel so bloated and heavy in the stomach and I was uncomfortable for about 2 weeks then woke up one morning and thought hey I feel pretty darn good.

Use ibuprofen if you arent already.