Citra Cal Calcium Citrate Petites

on 11/9/12 7:29 am - NE
VSG on 10/09/12

I have a Question about these Citra Cal's.. I know they are coated and I am not sure if we can have coated tablets ??  Does anyone know or take these ?  I was thinking my NUT said not to take enteric coating pills but I am not sure if this is the same.. I am taking Wellenese Liquid now but would like to take a pill form when I am at work.. I am 5 weeks out.. Any thoughts ??? Thanks !!

on 11/9/12 7:32 am - Silver Spring, MD
I take them. Early out I would crush them up in my Greek yogurt.
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on 11/9/12 9:10 am


I take these & have for the past 1 1/2 years....  My surgeon & nutritionist recommended this brand for me.  


Hope this answers your question.  Good luck on your journey.




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on 11/9/12 11:20 am - Tampico, IL
VSG on 09/26/12

My nut said I can take those.  I think I was told to wait until I was at least 3 months out

on 11/9/12 12:50 pm - NE
VSG on 10/09/12

Thanks for all the Replies.. I will keep them and wait until  I use all my liquid.. I just got the petites since they would probably be easier to swallow...

on 11/9/12 2:31 pm - Aurora, CO
VSG on 10/16/12

I'm just shy of 1 month and I take the Citracal petites- At first I had a hard time swallowing them due to size, so I cut one in half...big mistake! YUK!! I'm okay with them now and it's sooo much better than chewables for me!

God bless!    



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