Headache since WLS, any ideas?

on 11/16/12 1:27 am

Had VSG on Monday (11/12) Yay! But I have had a headache since. I hate taking the oxycodone for it. Having trouble getting regular pills down and know we shouldn't do ibuprofen. Anyone have any suggestions? Is this common after the surgery? It's starting to affect my quality of life. Thanks all! Loving the forum - great for a newbie.

Amy B



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on 11/16/12 2:38 am - OH
VSG on 10/02/12
Funny you should post this question. I am 6 weeks out and still have a headache almost everyday - it started after WLS in the hospital. Curious to see the replies.

on 11/16/12 3:13 am - FL
VSG on 03/05/13

Sorry to hear that!  Could it be caffeine withdrawals or dehydration?

on 11/16/12 3:19 am - Canada

i was thinking dehydration also...are you getting enough water in?

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on 11/16/12 8:23 am - MD

I found the oxycodone the doc prescribed for post op pain gave me a terrible headache. It got a lot better about a day after I topped taking those. Then I found that if I was having a minor headache some broth (salt) was helpful. If that still doesn't work I take some liquid Tylenol-available at most drag stores, though not necessarily grocery drug sections.

on 11/17/12 10:41 am

I THINK maybe it is dehydration. But I am sipping constantly it feels like. I am trying to increase water intake and doesn't seem to be helping. I am also thinking it may be sinuses. I noticed that the naso gastric tubes they stuck down my throat and nose for the surgery really clogged my nose and it was swollen sinuses. Just now starting to get better. But again could be a little bit of each. Now for a funny note on this front - I went to the store and bought like 8 small bottles of the kids chewable tylenol because I will have to take like 8 of them (1/3 a bottle) to equal what I usually take for a headache. So, for my first time ever apparently I set off some sort of alert and had to show a drivers license to the cashier. For tylenol. That's right folks , I'm getting crazy.




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