How Soon can you fly?

on 11/17/12 10:54 am
VSG on 12/05/12

Has anyone taken a transatlantic flight after VSG? I am leaving for India 8 weeks after surgery.Please respond.! Thanks

on 11/17/12 11:01 am

I don't know the answer but I am interested in answer. I am flying for work (to Illinois , India I wish!!!) 2 weeks to the day after my surgery.  I can't imagine it will be a problem but for you the longer time sitting may be more problematic. Good luck and have fun in India!



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on 11/17/12 11:27 am
VSG on 12/05/12

Thanks for the reply.My Dr. said I could fly in 1 month after surgery but I was hoping to have at least 3 months. Have you had your surgery yet?

on 11/17/12 11:50 am

You are welcome Ula! I appreciate you taking the time to ask the question. I would be concerned about that long of a flight as well. I am 6 days post-op today so will be doing my flying the monday after Thanksgiving.  I agree with the other responder that the key is getting up frequently. My doctor and nurse also said that anytime I couldn't get up regularly that I needed to at least do some flex and points for a minute with my foot to keep good blood flow through my legs about every 15 minutes. Hopefully with a transatlantic flight you may have more than 1 cubic foot of space lol , I will keep my fingers crossed for you! I would say the best thing to do is PLAN AHEAD!!! I have already purchased protein shakes, dry soup packets, individual packets of almond butter, and the squeezable applesauce things that my kids love - all of this will go in my suitcase and I will have it in the hotel while I am away from home. None of it has to be fridged and it all gives me options. For the flight I will also pack a individual packet of almond butter (in the plastic sack with my other less than 1 oz liquids), an empty water bottle, and a couple protein shake powder packets as well as a couple chicken broth and beef broth dry packets and a couple crystal light powder packets. All of these are going in my carryon. Then when I get past security at the airport I just hit a water fountain and fill up the water bottle. Then depending on my mood I can drink or eat.

You will be past the liquid stage but those are all still good travel options, since for the most part they are healthy, won't get you stopped at security, and don't weigh too much. Hope that gives you some ideas! I had to travel the week before my surgery too so I had practice lol with the traveling liquid diet. I will of course supplement while traveling with soup from restaurants and yogurt and stuff like that but I think having some basics I can count on makes all the difference in the world.

PS. Have a blast in India!!! Soooo jealous : )



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on 11/17/12 11:56 am
VSG on 12/05/12

Thanks for all the good tips! It sure will help!

Mike B.
on 11/17/12 11:31 am
You should ask your doctor, but I'm guessing he.she would say it would be fine that far out. Just like with any long flight, make sure you get out of your seat regularly and walk the aisle you should be fine. Good luck and have a great trip.

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on 11/17/12 11:33 am
VSG on 12/05/12

Thanks for your reply Mike.I do get up and move around frequently.My flight is split into 2 segments of 9 hours.I try to sit at the back of the plane so I can just stand and stretch my legs.

Julia HasHerLifeNow
on 11/17/12 3:07 pm
VSG on 10/09/12
I flew to have surgery to Montreal from Geneva, Switzerland and flew back 9 days after with my surgeon's permission. Many people fly a week or even 4 days post op when coming back from Mexico.

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on 11/17/12 4:29 pm
VSG on 09/05/12

I flew short flights (2 hrs or so) within 4 weeks of surgery.  Then did a LONG week 7....SF to Taipei (13 hrs), and connected to Singapore (4 more hrs) from was 20 Hrs of travel time.  Packed my own food :-)

You will be fine.

BTW, i do San Fran to Delhi at my 3rd month anniversay :-)

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on 11/17/12 7:49 pm

I flew 4 days after surgery to NY from CO and my doctor said it was fine as long as I stayed hydrated and got out of my seat and walked every 30 mins.  The risk of getting a clot is high after surgery and that is the main complication with flying that far.  I would ask you surgeon, but I'm sure it will be fine if you stay hydrated and get out of your seat often to keep your blood moving in your legs.

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