Time off work?

Kelli M.
on 11/28/12 4:00 am - CA
VSG on 12/04/12

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this site and super excited to be here. My surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday, December 4th. I'm pretty worried about taking time off work. I'm a barista at Starbucks, so my job is fairly active. Do you have any thoughts on how long I should take off? I'd really appreciate your opinions. Thanks!




on 11/28/12 4:27 am - McDonough, GA
VSG on 10/03/12

Hi Kelli,

Congratulations on your upcoming surgery. I was able to take 4 weeks so I did. I could have gone back in 2 weeks. Everyone is different. Some people go back within 5-7 days and are tired but can do it. You will be tired for the first couple weeks after anesthesia and body needing rest to heal properly.

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on 11/28/12 4:30 am
VSG on 11/14/12

I am in my 50s (LOL, so older and less energetic!) and have a desk job.  I took two weeks (spanned Thanksgiving -- and lots of people are out anyway!).  I am going back half time tomorrow and Friday, then back to full time on Monday.

I think a lot depends on your overall energy and how you bounce back from surgery.  Also, there is a lift restriction for a couple of weeks.  I think less than 10 pounds, or something like that. 

I had an easy time with surgery, and getting my fluids in, but I think you'd need at least a couple of weeks, unless you don't work 8 hour shifts.  I found that my brain is still a little slow and I tire easily.  

You might not really know until after you have surgery -- I left tomorrow and Friday "open" and let them know that if I didn't feel up to it, I'd wait until Monday.  

The thing is that everyone is different!  Best of luck!

on 12/3/12 9:45 am


I was back at it a week later, but did find my self winded and out of breath very frequently