On my way home, Yay for getting back to NO restaurants!!

on 11/30/12 6:15 am

So, I am going home today. I am looking forward to weighing in lol tomorrow morning and finding out how I did on this trip. I am still so new to everything that I can't predict very accurately. Other than my one night with the twix that I posted about earlier I did much better, no other stress eating thank goodness. 3 wks post op this coming Monday and the hubby goes in for his sleeve Monday morning so it will be wonderful to get back to him and we can support each other.

I would never have imagined that I would ever say this but, I am ready to go home and cook and not go to restaurants 3 times a day every day. There was soooooo little I could order on a menu. I definitely learned how to make better choices as I went but felt pretty wasteful even when i ordered from the kids menu this morning and nibbled at an egg. Protein shakes definitely got me through and I am starting to 'feel' my sleeve a little more which is good. Starting to discover what works for me and what doesn't.

Thank you all for your posts and for being active on this site. Just being able to go on and read posts every day helped me to get through and stay mostly on track. Thank you!



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on 11/30/12 6:38 am

Sounds like you are doing awesome already and I think it's super cool that your hubby is getting sleeved.  You can support each other & that's fantastic. 




on 11/30/12 10:34 am
VSG on 11/14/12

YAY for you!  Glad to hear that you did better as the week progressed.  Enjoy the new life you and hubby will have and keep us posted!


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