Wow, Men and Women are sooooo different!

on 12/4/12 1:02 pm

So,I am 3 weeks post op and hubby Matt went in for his sleeve on Monday. I lost 12 lbs pre op, had hernia repair, stayed 2 days in the hospital and wasn't really feeling decent till Friday (surg on Monday). He lost 40 lbs pre op (!!) and was doing so well today that they discharged him this evening.

I know that comparisons aren't good for anyone and honestly am just really relieved and happy for him that all went well but it is so crazy and funny to me how different this journey can be from one person to another.

More important than the comparison of course is how amazing it is to have my biggest fan and best friend on the journey too. I am just soooo happy that we can help each other to stay smart and strong and successful. And we can raise our kids (2 and 5 yr olds) with healthier attitudes about food and better level of activity.

Sorry for the rambling. Just had to share. I am always so grateful to everyone for posting. Watching us all and knowing how different it is for each of us helps tremendously!



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on 12/4/12 3:59 pm - CA
VSG on 11/26/12

What a wonderful journey your family is on!


on 12/5/12 12:19 pm

Thank you! It is definitely interesting to be doing it as a couple.



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on 12/4/12 9:41 pm - CA

That's Awesome and congrats to both of you.. You know its weird cause on the same day of my surgery three other women had the operation too and we were all on the same floor and right next to each other.. we became friends and would go out walking together and talk about the differences we were having and I seemed to be handling it a bit better then them as well.. especially with fluid intake, pain, and nausea. My wife and i have been doing Weigh****chers Pre op so i can lose weight prior and she herself could better her weight (She doesn't need the surgery) and she was kicking me butt in weight loss. Every DR seems to be different on the liquid diet pre op and i know mine had me on it two days prior and Since our weigh****cher meeting was on Sunday (Surgery Tuesday), i was able to see how much weight i lost just from that which was 15lbs. This past Sunday i was down another 6lbs which shocked me since i had gained 25lbs in the hospital of fluid weight from Tuesday to Thursday.. It is awesome to have your support understand where you are coming from.. I know my wife all the time wishes she understood what i was feeling..  But Good Luck to you Both.. You made an amazing choice to be better people and better parents!

on 12/5/12 12:17 pm

Thanks so much for sharing! It is interesting to hear how another couple is handling the journey. Sounds like your wife is a good partner too. Congrats on the weight loss. My husband was appalled this morning to discover he gained 8 lbs fluid weight in the hospital. Your wonderful job losing your water weight will give him hope. Thanks!



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