Hungy and full

Kelli M.
on 12/8/12 12:25 pm - CA
VSG on 12/04/12

Hey guys!

I'm having trouble deciding what my stomach is feeling. I can't tell if I'm hungry, and I don't know when I'm full. I just eat the specified amounts at the specified times. Sometimes I get a swift, sharp pain in my stomach, but my dr says that's due  to drinking too fast. Can anyone help me out with this? It seems odd. Most people say they're full after just a little bit. What's going on?



on 12/8/12 12:48 pm - Granada Hills, CA

"Full" and "restriction" are not concepts that will be in play at this point - youve severed all the nerves in your stomach so you can't really feel much of anything. That's why its important to just take it very slow on the liquid diet - over time, you'll be able to drink more and a little faster, but for now, just little baby sips. 

Usually 6 weeks out or so when you start solids, and you start eating 1-2 oz of dense protein, you may start to feel more, but until then,everything you eat (liquids, soft foods) will just go right through you. - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

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Kelli M.
on 12/8/12 12:50 pm - CA
VSG on 12/04/12

That makes sense. Thanks for the help.



Christine Heusinger
on 12/8/12 9:20 pm - GA

I agree with Alison. Just continue with your baby sips. I don't know WHEN you had your surgery but it's probably NOT hunger you're feeling. 


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on 12/8/12 10:35 pm - Independence, KY
VSG on 11/16/12 with

I feel everything, I know exactly when I need to stop.  My soft stop when I was banded was a runny nose.  Sometimes I get that now, but not always.  I feel it internally.  I'll get a little twinge inside, not exactly pain, but a twinge that tells me...anymore and things will get ugly!  I am 3 weeks out.  I have had this feeling since surgery.  I can tell when I take too big a sip, I feel just about about every bite and where it is as it goes down. 

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