Whoo Hooo !!! I DID IT !!!

on 12/10/12 2:51 am - NE
VSG on 10/09/12

I weighed in a day early at the gym today and I am down 50 pounds now !!!  Also I am outta Threedom and into Twoterville !!!   I am so freaking happy today !!!  I LOVE my sleeve.. and thanks to everyone for all your support !!! 

on 12/10/12 5:18 am
Congratulations! That is so awesome!!!!

HW253  SW222  CW153    

Izabelle G.
on 12/10/12 5:21 am - Cheltenham, PA
VSG on 10/15/12

You go girl!!

   I am walking 60 Miles in 3 Days to fight cancer! Donate today!!


Surgery 10/15/12 - HW-263lbs GW-150lbs CW- 170.8


on 12/11/12 4:29 am - SE, TX
VSG on 03/11/13

Congratulations!! That's so awesome!! Keep up the great work!! 

    Melanie -- HW:320 SW:300 CW:277.2 GW:150 







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