What is, or was, your 'plan' during weight loss? Food Diary and Numbers

on 12/8/12 11:26 am

So, at 4 weeks post op and finally being able to eat more things I am also firmly entrenched in my daily food diary (on myfitnesspal.com (switched to this one because my doctor likes the idea that I can print a report lol).

That being said I am interested in hearing what is working for those of you who are doing well on the weight loss phase or are at maintenance and did well losing. There are so many knowledgeable, successful people on here that I really appreciate the chance to 'take a poll'.

Based on what I have read, here and otherwise, I am currently doing between 500-700 calories a day, 60-80 oz of water, 60-80 grams of protein, less than 40 g of carbs.

Have only dabbled in exercise to this point but am cleared to go forward with more exercise this weekend. Currently losing 5-10 lbs a week but again, early days. 



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on 12/8/12 11:38 am
VSG on 11/14/12

I am almost 4 weeks out, and my plan is basically the same -- but for the vets -- can you also let us know the distribution of your fat, protein, carbs, fiber and calories?

Mine are set for the following -- (what I've avg'ed in the last week)

Calories = 800 (about 650)

Carbs = 40 ( avg. 28)

Fat = 27 ( avg about 20)

Protein = 100 (I usually hit 80-90)

Fiber = 20  (not even close!)

Thanks in advance for the info!


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on 12/8/12 11:44 am - Edmonton, Canada
VSG on 06/26/12
800 calories, 80-90 grams of protein, 20-30 grams of fibre, 8-10 cups of fluids. I don't fret about carbs other than avoiding crap carbs and fake food. My Dr and I are delighted. (And I'm OFF BP, cholesterol and pain meds - yes!)


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on 12/9/12 4:29 am

Thank you !! Now, I just have to ask, how do you get that much fibre in? I am struggling to get in 10 grams but of course can't do much in the way of veggies and fruit yet which I know will improve.

Do you still do a shake or do you get the protein in through solids only?

Thanks again - very helpful! and congrats on med update - way to go.




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on 12/9/12 6:34 am - Edmonton, Canada
VSG on 06/26/12
With you being only 4 weeks out it'd be difficult to get in the amount of fibre I do - 10 grams a day is excellent at only 4 weeks! It'll be easier as you go along.

Let's see. how do I get in my fibre? well, a pear has 7 grams, and makes a wonderful afternoon snack if you slice it up and take your time eating it. All Bran mixed with yogurt (and a little milk if it's too thick) sits really well and has 6 grams in 1/4 cup.(18 grams - I weigh everything) Hi Lo cereal has 7 grams of fibre and 12 of protein in 1/2 cup. (30 grams)

Oranges are very high in fibre but I still find them a lot of work to get through. Christmas oranges are easier. Asian Pears have 10 grams - once again, slice it up and maybe aim for 1/2 of one in a sitting. Quest bars have 16 grams, but don't expect to be able to eat a whole one. At your stage 1/2 a quest bar filled me right up. (A really great snack though at 10 grams of protein and 8 of fibre in 1/2 bar)

I do still use shakes as I need to in order to get in all of my protein. I confess that my life became immeasurably easier the day I decided to quit trying to get all of my protein through dense protein. For instance - my breakfast is often oatmeal and coffee, with unflavoured whey mixed into the 1/2 cup of milk I split between them. Easy, tasty, Fred loves it, and it starts my day with 33 grams of protein. Some days I'll treat myself to a slice of flax toast with peanut butter and protein enhanced coffee - a few less calories but the same amount of protein and fibre.

Lunch is smaller, with things like 1/2 cup of homemade soup and a slice of flax toast or 1 of my frozen 1/2 cup servings of turkey chili, butter turkey, chicken curry etc and 1/4 cup of raspberries or 1/2 apple or banana.

Afternoon snack - 35 calorie yogurt cup with 18g All Bran mixed in or sliced apple or a serving of string cheese.

Supper - 1.5-2 ounces of chicken or fish with 1/2 cup of cooked veggies, occasionally a tablespoon or 2 of brown rice.

In the evening I look back over my day and choose a snack that fills whatever gaps I have, whether protein or fibre. Sometimes that'll be a shake (I really enjoy some of the Syntrax nectors served hot) but I also enjoy Greek yogurt and cottage cheese, so I may have one of those, or a baby bel cheese or 2. (7 grams of protein each!) Hi Lo cereal eaten dry makes a nice crunchy evening snack. (High in both protein AND fibre - score!)

You can see that I'm not doing the popular super low carb diet, but since my rate of loss increased when I decided to quit stressing about it so much I'm ok with that. I keep my calories under control (the currency of weight loss) and make every bite earn its way.


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on 12/9/12 3:01 pm

WOW! Super detailed and super helpful to see. Thank you so much : ) I really appreciate you taking the time and several things for me to thing about adding to my day soon.



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on 12/8/12 2:25 pm - CA

1100 calories, 100 g protein, carbs not controlled but typically 80-120 while minimizing simple sugars, fiber 25-35 g, fats typically 30-40g. Lost 105 lb to body composition goals in a little over seven months.

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on 12/9/12 4:30 am

Thank you! Great help to see everyone's plan. Do you do shakes? or just solids for protein? How do you get your fiber in?

THanks again and congrats!



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on 12/9/12 11:44 am - CA

I didn't need to use the shakes for my basic protein requirement after a month or so, though i still used them occasionally for their readily absorbed protein for post exercise recovery and used the powders for some protein loaded snacks like puddings, etc. Fiber came from what fruits/veg that I worked into the diet (an ounce or so of berries in the greek yogurt, various fruits/veg in my frequent salads, I often added some oat and/or wheat bran to the yogurt/fruit snack, and used the fiber gummies as needed if I was short for the day.

1st support group/seminar - 8/03 (has it been that long?)  

Wife's DS - 5/05 w Dr. Robert Rabkin   VSG on 5/9/11 by Dr. John Rabkin


on 12/8/12 4:00 pm - CA
VSG on 08/21/12

700 cals/day, 65-75 protein, fat is usually around 40, but I don't really pay attention to it, carbs are usually under 50.

I drink lots of water, no carbonated beverages, no caffeine. I do not drink with meals, and take vitamins & supplements every day.

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