post op visit

on 12/11/12 2:41 am
VSG on 12/05/12

I'm 5 days PO lost 18 lbs since surgery! Yippy!


Rita M.
on 12/11/12 2:46 am - Webster, MA

CONGRATS on the rapid weight lose. You are doing great.




on 12/11/12 3:02 am
VSG on 12/05/12

Good for you!   LOL - I came home after being filled up the 11 pounds I lost and have lost that and 5 more since surgery.




on 12/11/12 3:59 am
VSG on 12/05/12

Initially I was blown up to but, that all came out...How are u doing otherwise Good I hope,



on 12/11/12 4:29 am - IL
VSG on 12/04/12
Sounds like you're doing great, Ula! My surgery was last Tuesday, 12/4; I'm down 7 pounds since the morning of surgery. And I'll take it. I'm in my 50s, am following all the rules, and know the weight loss will come as long as I do my part. Keep up the good work!
on 12/11/12 9:45 am
VSG on 12/05/12

I'm also in my 50's for some reason I had my kidney out in 2009 this surgery was a breeze.I'm going back to work on the 26th.It was now or never.Glad its over and some days better than other's


Christine Heusinger
on 12/11/12 5:08 am - GA

I'm also 5 days post OP and although I haven't lost as much weight as you, I AM losing and I am feeling GREAT!!!




Surgery: Thursday,  December 6 at Wellstar Kennestone in Marietta, GA

HW (July): 243      3 days before surgery:  235   Current: 166

(I can't figure out how to control this ticker)        



on 12/11/12 9:47 am
VSG on 12/05/12



                           I worked at Wellstar after hurricane Andrew.Loved it there but, eventually moved back to Miami.Glad your doing well.


on 12/11/12 9:55 am

Great work Ula!! You are doing awesome!! Congrats : )



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