Back pain after eating?

on 12/19/12 11:55 am - MA
VSG on 11/13/12

When I saw my NUT today she thought it was probably gas (surgery 11/13/12) really, still so much gas pain?  It is during/following eating something.  I'm thinking it is my signal that I have eaten too fast (working on that!) or too much.  I've had no other signs of a negative full feeling, no sick feelings at all.  I been careful with measuring, but maybe need to try less?  I feel satisfied but not hungry after eating, although the back pain does start after a few bites. I do take gas-x afterwards, but it doesn't seem to be that helpful.

Any thoughts?

Thanks!  Ellyn



on 12/19/12 12:00 pm - CO

That's my full signal. Right between my shoulder blades.


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on 12/19/12 12:09 pm - MA
VSG on 11/13/12

Thanks- a bit lower and to the right on me, but it is defiantly related to eating and not general back pain.  I will try reducing volume a little and hope that will help.



on 12/19/12 12:28 pm - OH
VSG on 10/02/12

I have had that pain (right side - below shoulder blade) - since surgery 12 weeks ago.  Hurts more after eating no matter how little I eat.  I have mentioned it to my pcp and my surgeon - no one seems to be concerned but it sure is annoying to me.  I use a heating pad when it is really bad - gives some relief.  I go back for my three month check up after the first of the year - if I still have the pain - I'm going to ask the surgeon to investigate the cause.  Like you I have tried slowing down, eating less, etc. and I will admit - some days the pain is worse than others.  Good luck - hope it subsides for you.



on 12/19/12 2:21 pm
VSG on 03/20/12
Pain between my shoulder blades is my sign of fullness too.
Julia HasHerLifeNow
on 12/19/12 2:38 pm
VSG on 10/09/12
I think I sort of have the same thing but I would not call it pain in my case. I feel kind of a tingling like pins and needles but not that intense, just a buzzing sort of feeling in the mid left section of my back, where I would imagine my left lung may end. Its also a sort of full signal.

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Stephanie M.
on 12/19/12 8:57 pm

If I ever overdo it, I tend to feel it there.

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