6 months post op pics/happy holidays

on 12/23/12 11:24 am

i started at  299...today 200 lbs...i was  263lbs day of vsg  6-27-12...i have dropped the pounds very slow. i have more energy and had no problems with the vsg...best health decision i made happy new yr!! ok sorry if my under wears are showing. the pic of me in the dress was taken in hawaii  about a week ago...           sorry about the pics being different sizes..no i did not buy the  candy bar




on 12/23/12 11:25 am

sorry yall i been real busy with work and end of the yr stuff i will update my status later...happy new yr!!!!! thanks in advance for your comments on my pics.


on 12/23/12 11:27 am
VSG on 12/07/12

Kelly- You look amazing! I was a few lbs heavier on the day of surgery, I am only 16 days post op. Thank you for posting, these posts/pics are so inspirational to me. You look soooo beautiful in that dress! ROCK IT GIRL!


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on 12/23/12 11:29 am

thanks  jessica!!!  i had it made to celebrate my  6 months  vsg  anniversary..... i love the dress....


on 12/23/12 11:31 am - CA
VSG on 11/02/12

Oh my! You look amazing and I love the dress. I am new to this site and this is very encouraging.


on 12/23/12 11:33 am

thanks  michelle!!!  it  was the best decision i made... this time last yr...i  did not know what to do and i never heard of the  vsg....i  did my research and got the ball rolling  jan 2012....and i have not looked back...i wish you luck....


on 12/23/12 11:34 am - CO
VSG on 11/01/12

Wow!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!



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on 12/23/12 11:36 am

thank u nickie!!!!


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on 12/23/12 11:35 am

You look awesome.

BTW, almost 100 pounds in 6 months is not slow in my opinion! Good going!

on 12/23/12 11:40 am

thank you....but  i lost  63 lbs post op.... i had the vsg on  6-27-12,,,,i lost weight prior to  the vsg....i was   299 jan  2012....when i started looking into wls... thank you again....thanks for providing useful info on this forum...