8 day post op whoosh and NSV

on 12/25/12 12:28 pm - CA
VSG on 12/17/12

At 8 days post op I'm feeling sooo much better.  I've lost a total of 14 pounds since surgery, 7 of those were gained during hospitalization.  I was fairly constipated (I know, TMI****il last night when I finally went, a lot.  My scale was 3.5 less today than yesterday.  Just sayin'

My NSV is that I totally cleaned my bedroom and packed up my summer clothes that I know will be too big in a couple months and will be taking them to Goodwill tomorrow. 


on 12/25/12 12:41 pm
VSG on 01/28/13
Congrats! Glad your doing well! Wishing you the best with your recovery. I am 5 weeks from having my sleeve. Can't wait!!
on 12/25/12 1:10 pm
VSG on 12/17/12 with

Way to go! 

HW 302 lbs SW  279.8 lbs.  CW  193.8 lbs   MFP Jarabacoagirl  Preop diets 22.2 lbs, 1st month 21.2 lbs, 2nd month 14.6 lbs,  3rd month 11.2 lbs, 4th month 7 lbs, 5th month 7 lbs, 6th month 6.8 lbs, 7th month 5.2 lbs, 8th month 4.4 lbs 9 and 10th months slowed down didn't record exactly

108.2 lbs lost from highest weight!

 (86.2 lbs of that was lost since surgery date)

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on 12/25/12 2:48 pm

Awesome!  I love the part about giving away your Summer clothes, you are so right, you will never need them again! 

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