Huge NSV for me!!! Definitely TMI female post.

on 12/25/12 10:26 am

Just had to share since some of the women here may be able to understand my joy but I am having a period, an actual normal period!!! My body hasn't been able to do that, without drugs helping anyway, since I was 15 years old!! My hormones and my body seem to have been awakened by my weight loss!! It feels like a miracle. Might actually need to use birth control for the reason it was intended one of these days - lol!

Thanks for listening : )



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on 12/25/12 10:28 am
VSG on 12/17/12
Congrats....I think? LOL
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on 12/25/12 10:31 am

Thanks! I know it is a strange NSV but after so many years of my body not working the way it is supposed to I kinda assumed it was impossible even though Dr's always said that weight loss might help.



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(deactivated member)
on 12/25/12 10:47 am

Awesome, but just be careful with pregnancy!  You don't want to stop the weight loss just as things are moving in the right direction.  I am really happy for you.  It's great when our bodies work the way they were designed to work, makes us feel healthy and beautiful.  Merry Christmas.

on 12/25/12 10:50 am

Thank you Elina! I even told my husband that I feel 'like a woman' : ) But am with you on the pregnancy thing. 3 beautiful kids and the youngest two (twins) are only 2. No pregnancy in my future, fingers and other body parts crossed. Ha!



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on 12/25/12 10:49 am
VSG on 12/18/12

Good for you!

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on 12/25/12 2:22 pm
VSG on 08/16/12

I totally feel your joy!!!! One of the main reasons I did have this surgery was because after numerous fertility treatments in attempts to get pregnant failed my Dr said the only thing left to try was IVF or I lose weight.  Well I needed to do something to lose weight and hopefully have a more permenant solution than all the fad diets I have tried over the years.  And yes, I also was basically on birthcontrol my entire life so I would have a monthly visitor.  Without it I ovulated 1-2 times a year :(  So yes I get your happiness, I'm currently on birthcontrol because I DONT want to get pregnant yet! LOL, so I am not sure about the regularity yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)  Yay for you and good luck with your weightloss!



on 12/25/12 9:40 pm
VSG on 07/27/12

I hear you, as I'm having the same experience!!  Amazing when our bodies work the way they were meant to!  Congratulations!!


on 12/27/12 8:39 am

I hear just over 50...I thought I was in month after surgery I can tell you...not so much...what a wonder I thought I got through menopause so easily...the jokes on me.