Down 2 pant sizes

on 12/28/12 2:16 am - Browns Mills, NJ

I decided last night that I needed a new pair of pant or two, I know that my size  before surgery is definitely too big, so I try on pants, and what do you know I am down two pant sizes.  I am only 3 1/2 weeks post op.... This is a very happy moment for me


on 12/28/12 2:50 am - PA
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Wow!  Congrats!  That's exciting!



on 12/28/12 5:25 am
Wow that is awesome!!!! Great NSV for sure!!




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on 12/28/12 5:59 am

That is awesome. The first of many NSVs to come!

on 12/28/12 7:11 am - Browns Mills, NJ

Thank you everyone.  This just makes me feel so good that I am moving in the right direction