2 week post op

on 12/31/12 5:09 am - CA
VSG on 12/17/12

Today is 2 weeks since my surgery.  So far so good.  By my scale, I was 253 the day of surgery and 260 the day after I got home from surgery.  My surgery was uneventful except in the recovery room, my heart rate went down to 33 soon after I was woken up.  They nurses immediately gave me a medication that brought it up. This morning I was 240.5.  I was the same weight yesterday so I'm kind of bummed about that.  I'm not ready for the 3 week stall yet.  Also, I upped my exercise over the last couple days.  For some reason, exercise tends to slow my weight loss. 

I've not had any problems with my stomach.  No nausea, vomiting, GERD or anything.  Sure it rumbles sometimes, like it did before sx when I was hungry, but it's not painful and doesn't last as long.  For the most part I'm getting my fluids and protein in.  I've become more mindful of finishing my shakes sooner so I can get them all in.  And yes, it takes all day and evening to finish my protein/fluids. 

I have no pain or discomfort now, other than the incision in my belly button.  I still have a huge bruise that is healing from the heparin shots in my lower belly.  There's no pain there, now but for a while, I had to hold my lower belly when walking because gravity made it painful.

I met with the NUT today and as of tomorrow, I start on soft foods.  I'll still have to supplement with shakes, which is fine with me.  I don't have a problem with the shakes at all, and I like their convenience.  I also have to up my protein to 90 gm a day.  That will be a challenge.

I so love the I'm not hungry or craving anything.  Well, almost anything.  When I  pass up In N Out burgers I get a bit of a yearning.  But that door isn't permanently shut.  When I eat real food, I could always get a protein style burger and no fries.  It wouldn't be the first time I've been restricted at In N Out and it's not a bad thing.  I certainly won't make it a priority because I don't plan on eating out much at all.  I'm too cheap to buy a meal that I won't be able to finish.

So I'm on the path to better health and couldn't be happier.



on 12/31/12 5:22 am - GA

Sounds like you're doing well! We went home for Christmas (Louisiana and Texas) and passed all the restaurants that I LOVED. I still want it, but know I can't have it yet. I would just look at the signs and say, "I WILL have you again one day." hahaha The hubby loved that one. I am 3 weeks out and my Lovenox bruises and surgical bruising is just starting to fade. The first week, I had a lot of water weight and bloating from the gas. It WILL go away.

Keep up the good work!

on 12/31/12 5:43 am - IL
VSG on 12/04/12
Great way to start the new year--sounds like you're doing great! My three week stall hit at two weeks as well--lasted 10 days, then down 2 pounds today (finally!). The "yearning" you describe is different than before though, isn't it? I still often want to eat, but I don't HAVE to eat. My appetite is manageable now, which I suppose is the point of the whole exercise, yes? Happy New Year to you!
on 12/31/12 7:04 am - CA
VSG on 12/17/12

It is different because I really don't want to eat anything.  But I seem to be smelling burgers everywhere.  Even when I went to the NUT's office today.  I told her I even smell it in the office hallway.  Then she told me the bottom floor was a Ruth's Chris steakhouse, so I wasn't imagining the smell of beef cooking.


on 12/31/12 5:59 am
VSG on 12/18/12

Good for you. I go to my appointment on Wednesday. I'm excited! I didn't realize the bruise I have on my tummy is from the shot! Duh! I am with you, except mine is pizza. When my husband and daughter have pizza, I miss it because of the smell. I'm not hungry either and wierdly, I can't take in as much now as just after surgery. I'm definitely not taking in more than 2-3 ounces at a time or I am miserable. Like you, it is LATE when I finally have the protein/fluids in. Gosh, you're knocking on the 20 pound door. I am so happy for you!

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on 12/31/12 6:41 am - CA

Hooray! Sounds like you're doing great.  Will I see you in January?

Sarah, VSG Dr. Cirangle--12/28/12, HW: 265 SW: 253 GW: 130???

on 12/31/12 6:51 am - CA
VSG on 12/17/12

Yep, I'll be there


on 12/31/12 6:47 am - NY

You all are so encouraging.  I got my date today, January 30th.  I am both scared and anxious. 

on 12/31/12 6:49 am
VSG on 12/17/12
Has it really only been 2 weeks? I feel like I've lived a lifetime.
I broke 240 this week (from 260.5 to 238.5) but I'm hovering right now. You are doing WAY better on exercise though. I can't seem to get my energy back. I've been making myself move more but I expect this to get better when I get back to my routine of going into the office. I'm hoping this helps with a schedule for eating/protein and water intake too.

Wow, 2 weeks! Yea us!!
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on 12/31/12 6:54 am - CA
VSG on 12/17/12

I'm hoping for 240 or below tomorrow.  The time flew, didn't it.  I'm going back to work on Wednesday, and I don't want to.  I have energy issues, too, but I had those before surgery.  I told myself I was going to the gym no matter what and since my dog has woken me up at 4:30 am the last few mornings, I had no excuse but to go to the gym. 


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