When does the internal swelling go down?

on 1/4/13 12:03 am

It seems like it takes forever.  I had my surgery on 12/11/12...shouldn't it be subsiding a little now?

Ms Shell
on 1/4/13 12:31 am - Hawthorne, CA

Are you referring to your stomach and how much you are able to eat drink at one time?

on 1/4/13 12:33 am

Yes. I'm still having challenges with getting all of my liquids in because of the swelling.  It's driving me batty!  :)

Ms Shell
on 1/4/13 12:50 am - Hawthorne, CA

ABout 3 months...how much ARE you getting in and simply focus on getting in a couple more ounces per day.  This is a MARATHON not a sprint =)

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on 1/4/13 1:00 am

I'm getting in the minimum of 48 oz a day (per my surgeon), but just barely.  I can't even focus on getting any food in because I have to get my water in.  Ugh.  I'm in the puree stage now, but hardly eat anything. Maybe some yogurt. And I'll get a protein drink (which I HATE now) in occasionally.  I can't work out like I'd like to because that would mean I'd have to get 16 more oz of water in. :(

Ms Shell
on 1/4/13 1:22 am - Hawthorne, CA

Trus****er is WAYYY more important then food right now.  Your body via fat has enough stores for you to NOT eat for months, but going withou****er is NEVER an options.

Can you walk??  If so do it...let your body heal.  If you'd just given birth to a baby you wouldn't have all these do TODAY stipulations on your baby right??

MS Shell

on 1/4/13 10:10 am - TN
VSG on 06/11/12

You're doing fine.  I still have trouble getting in all of my water.  I struggled for at least a month at getting a minimum in.  My stomach hated plain water for the first 2 months and protein shakes made me gag.  You are getting some water in your puree foods too.

Don't worry too much about working out yet.  Just walk.  There's plenty of time for hard workouts once you're more stable.



on 1/4/13 4:24 am - MN

I had my surgery the same day an i'm dealing with the same thing. I just met with my surgeon yesterday and she wants me to get more protein but ive been feeling ****ty for the past 3 weeks and was mainly focused on getting my liquids in so I wouldn't get dehydrated. And now im on to a lil pureed and I dread it. I mean don't get me wrong, I want to eat like crazy but When I think about it I have noooo appetite. And I can only eat a few small bites of pudding or yogurt or whatever it may be apart of the pureed. I feel this may be just temporary but its good to know that there's someone that's going thru it and actually had the surgery the same day I did. I wish you well and just hang in there cause you accomplished the "worst" part now here comes that sunshine. Just think temporarily.... And There's ALOT of people that say they would do this all over again.. LOL!!.. But honestly... I would not... Just had to say that cause That is what ive been thinking since that week out from surgery.. Keep pushing


on 1/4/13 8:47 am
VSG on 12/12/12

My surgery was on 12/12/12. I'm gradually adding more water. It has been a challenge. But I know its important to get the fluids in.


on 1/4/13 9:15 am
VSG on 12/25/12

Well i had my surgery10 days ago, its less challenging for me to eat im on purees now too but i can eat yoghurt ,mashed potatoes, scrambled egg normally but i cant of course overeat just 2 to 3 tbsp n im full, im not concentrating on my water intake n it started to show my face has been dry for the last couple of days so im willing to increase my fluids especially water.. Good luck for all of us sleevers!


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